10 Things You Didn’t Know About Evans Kidero

Evans Odhiambo Kidero is the current governor of Nairobi County which is the Kenya’s capital city. Although being in a political seat as per the Kenyans view on County leadership, Kidero is inclined more to management being the former managing director of notable companies like Mumias sugar company, Nation Media Group and SmithKline Beecham.


1. He Is a Son of a Policeman

Evans kidero was born to a policeman in Nairobi’s Majengo slum. Previously, policemen were paid meagre salaries in Kenya and thus, Kidero was raised under shaky slum conditions. However, he overcame all these challenges and finally made it through Mangu high school which is ranked as a national school and later joined University of Nairobi for his undergraduate degree.

2. Dr. Evans Is the Eldest Son in a Family of 7

Born in the year 1957 to a policeman father and a homemaker mother, Kidero became the firstborn in a family of seven.

3. He Is a Son-In-Law to Tom Mboya

His wife Susan Kidero is the daughter of the Legendary Tom Mboya. Tom Mboya was a pre and post-independent activist who was assassinated in the line of duty. Kidero married Susan in 2011 extending Toms family. On her own, Susan is a reputable lady known for her activist actions particularly on helping young ladies acquires education abroad. Kidero being a leader, she makes a perfect match for him.

4. He Has Wedded Twice In His Lifetime

The late Mrs. Abigael Kidero who was Kidero’s first wife succumbed to cancer and was laid to rest on March 2010 at Homa-bay County. Later in 2011, Dr. Kidero remarried Susan Kidero whom he is living happily with to date.

Evans Kidero 2

5. A Father Of Three

Since his marriage life, Kidero has been blessed with three children and two grandchildren. The three children all belongs to his late wife.

6. He Shares the Same Undergraduate Qualifications As His Wife

Kidero is a Pharmacy granduate of the University of Nairobi whereas his wife is a pharmacy graduate of the University of Connecticut. This is a coincidence for two people who in addition to this, they are both inclined to leadership positions. Both having worked as directors and both having MBA qualifications leaves a lot to be admired.

7. Dr. Evans Kidero Is a Billionaire

It’s estimated that, Kidero’s wealth ranges over 3 billion Kenya shillings. Having worked in several multi-billion shilling companies like the Mumias Sugar Company, the Nation Media Group among others, his wealth has been acquired far and wide. On top of this, he is an investor in several investment companies and once a Kenyatta National Hospital employee and currently the governor of the Kenya capital city. Having in mind that he manages a county with a huge profit turnover from businesses and industrial sectors, One can only imagine the level of wealth at his hands.

8. He Was the First Ever Kenyan MD Of Mumias Sugar Company

Dr. Kidero acquired this post at a time when the company had many wrangles amidst challenges and stiff competition from other sugar firms locally and internationally. However, through his leadership, he restored the company to its original state and currently the company is the largest sugar producing in the country. On top of this, he was able to diversify the company’s products to even producing water among improving the status of the employees.

9. Dr. Evans Was Once an Active Medical Practitioner

After completing his Pharmacist degree from Nairobi University, Mr. Evans landed his first job at Kenyatta National Hospital as a pharmacist. His roles included preparing and dispensing drugs.

Evans Kidero 3

10. All Of DR. Evans Kideros Academic Qualifications Were Acquired In Kenya.

His undergraduate qualifications in Pharmacy were acquired in Kenya and his MBA qualifications were acquired in Kenya as well in the United States University based in Kenya. It was at this point in 1990 where Kidero diverted his career to management by undertaking an MBA in Business Administration.


From the above distinct things concerning Dr. Evans Kidero life, it’s a clear prove his journey to fame was presented to him on a silver plate. It calls for determination, dedication, hard work and an open mindedness to achieve things which seem impossible on the eyes of the skeptic’s. To date, Kidero remains one of the most influential politicians who have a bigger role to play in shaping the economy of Kenya.