Royal Guard Reveals He Once Almost Shot Queen Elizabeth II During One Of Her 3am Walks

A royal guard has revealed that he almost shot Queen Elizabeth II after mistaking her for an intruder.

The former guardsman spoke with The Times U.K. this week opening up about the incident. He said the queen, who is said to occasionally suffer insomnia, often walked around the palace grounds in the wee hours of the morning.

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On one occasion, the guardsman said he was patrolling inside the perimeter of the palace walls at around 3 a.m. when he spotted a figure in the darkness.

The guard thought he had spotted an intruder on palace grounds and shouted: ”Who’s that?” To his surprise, he discovered that it was the monarch on one of her early morning insomnia induced walks.

“Bloody hell, Your Majesty, I nearly shot you,” he reportedly said to the head of the church of England.

He said he anticipated a scolding for having used expletive language and for also speaking to the monarch without first being spoken to. The queen rather replied him saying:

 “That’s quite all right. Next time I’ll ring through beforehand so you don’t have to shoot me.”

It is unclear when the incident occurred but it is not the first time an incident like that occurred in the vast palace gardens.

In 2013, the queen’s son Andrew was also mistaken for an intruder by armed guards as he walked the gardens. It was reported that the guards pulled their weapons on him ordering the prince to put his hands up and get on the ground.

The prince was said to have lost his temper with the guardsmen and told them off, unlike the queen who cheekily responded.

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Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II, now 90-years-old, has been all over the headlines for the last couple of weeks.

She and Prince Philip have been down with colds causing them to miss Christmas and New Year’s Day church services.

Her lack of attendance to the festive occasions sparked an online death rumor, which the Palace quickly shut down. They said she was recovering from her illness and is feeling better.