Expensive Cars Your Favourite Comedians Bought In 2015

It is becoming almost far-fetched for Kenyan celebrities to buy anything in peace without anyone hearing about it. Whatever they buy, they have to let the whole planet know they are breaking success record. Whether it is as small and unimportant as a magic pen or as costly as jewelry or pair of shoes, our celebrities will rush to their social media pages to showcase it. They share it on social media either to motivate others or make them envious.

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Either way, they get tongues wagging each time they post something new which they procured. I am not trying to pull the trigger on that, after all, there is this sigh of contentment that comes when you reach your long-held dream. So they can post it all they want.  And that is why I don’t want this year to finally bid us farewell without acknowledging the achievements of our favourite comedians who have gotten the best of the year in their career. Like other celebrities, these comedians treated themselves to expensive cars this year, shared it online and even through their jokes. Check their cars below:

Eric Omondi


He is among the few comedians who have managed to keep their cool and tuck in their flashy lifestyles. Eric Omondi recently rewarded himself with a new Mercedes-Benz. Eric Omondi expressed his great love for Benz as this is his second Benz, saying that he grew to love the brand when his aunt used a classic Mercedes Benz.



Comedian Karis is one of the funniest Churchill Show comedians. He is one of the comedians who appear to be acquiring a lot from their talents. Karis shared the photo of his wonder on wheels… a sleek BMW on social media.

Dr Ofweneke

Dr Ofweneke-1

Famous comedian cum presenter is outstanding and inventive no doubt. As he chooses the best joke to get the audience smiling, that’s how he chooses the best car that’s got him smiling as well. He recently acquired a new black sleek car through hard work and perseverance.

David The Student


Churchill Show’s David The Student who is also famous for his smart dressing style, is another comedian who proved that hard work pays a great deal. He bought himself a classy ride just a few days after he celebrated his birthday. However, the goofball fame comedian seems to be leading in this game. He has so far been seen with two cars; a range rover and another unidentified one. David took to Instagram to flaunt his new ride, a Subaru Impreza. And below is his other ride:




Talented comedian, Chipukeezy has had a good year. He raked in cash this year and decided to spoil himself. He got himself a cool sleek car! Well our list is visibly dominated by comedians because comedy as a profession seems to be trickling more cash in the pockets of many. Once you have the talent of making people laugh, you will embrace the extravagant lifestyle.

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