Being rich and popular these days entails having your own jet that can take you anywhere around the globe you would want to visit. And every celebrity both local and international is working hard to be on the bucket list of celebrities and stars who jet around in their own private flights. They have been elbowing each other to be ranked among the richest. If you can’t afford to have your own private jet you are ranked among the comfortable celebrities and not the rich and extravagant ones. And that is one of the reasons international footballer Cristiano Ronaldo decided to make his journey around the world comfortable, amazing and remarkable by getting a very expensive private jet for all his tours. He has indeed proved to be among the wealthiest footballers in the word. Cristiano Ronaldo’s private jet is worth €19M which is exactly about 2 Billion Kenyan shillings.

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Based on the Portuguese tabloid, the 30-year-old Real Madrid player’s newly purchased jet is a Gulfstream G200 twin-engine business jet, which was designed formerly by Israel Aircraft Industries.

The jet  according to reports can take between eight to ten flyers and is fitted with all the best features.

The plane has different bathrooms for crew members and passengers, wardrobes, internet access, telephone, fax, microwave, electric oven, fridge for drinks and entertainment systems. What could be better to fly one of the richest footballers than a jet that is even more comfortable than many people’s homes.

While we continue to play ongoing promotions hoping to win 1 Million shillings, and whine about heavy hardship in the country, this wealthy footballer is chasing after that which makes him happy and is ready to lavish cash to achieve his desired goals which include ultimate comfort and peace. Well, here are some of the photos of the inside and outside of the expensive jet that is flying one of our favorite footballers around the planet.

Whenever you see a jet like this flying high up in the sky, chances are the talented footballer is jetting to somewhere or his allies are heading somewhere to pick him up.


 Better than owning a jet is the ability to fly one and the star seems ready to fly himself


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Take a Look at the Beautiful Interior Design


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The Footballer poses intimately with his ehm heartthrob/girlfriend who is a Russian model.


Here is the star stepping out of his private jet with elegance and confidence.


There is no denying that Cristiano Ronaldo’s Private Jet can be described as a flying comfortable and expensive home! Feels good to be swimming in cash though.