Famished Kitui Mother Who Tried To Sell Owl For Food Receives Help

Two days ago BuzzKenya published a poignant story of a famished Kitui mother who trekked 15 km to sell an owl just so she could afford to buy food for her starving kids. Information now reaching us says she has received help from good Samaritans.

Donated food items were delivered to her by journalists from a local radio station in Kitui — Syokimau FM. The famished mother identified as Ms Kamene Kakai from Museva village had shocked traders and buyers in the market when she boldly demanded Sh 520 for the nocturnal bird.

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She had said that the owl was her gift from God and that she could have cooked it for food had it been edible. Kavivi’s kids were on the verge of dying from starvation, thus she proceeded for the daunting task of trekking 15 km to find a buyer.

While she was unable to make the sale, a video of her went viral online and finally brought her the help she desperately needed.

The journalists who visited her home to deliver the items made even more shocking discoveries about her life. Ms Kakai also known as Kavivi has a mental illness and lives in a doorless thatched house with no bed or furniture, thus she sleeps on the floor.

“She lives with her brother’s wife who has 8 kids, Kavivi’s house has no door, no bed, no window. We helped her with the little we had,” one of the local journalists named Rose Mbula said.

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Residents of the area revealed that Kavivi has in the past been struck by the deadly epilepsy disease. No one seems to know the name of the mental disease she suffers from.

Out of Kavivi’s 5 children, 4 currently live with her husband from whom she is estranged. She has full custody of the youngest said to be two years old.

In addition to providing her with foodstuffs, the journalists say they have plans to get her a bed for sleep as well as construct a door and window in her rustic house.