Famished Mother Tries To Sell Owl To Afford Money For Food

What’s the worse thing desperation has ever pushed you to do? For this famished mother, it is trekking over 15km to a busy market in Kitui town to sell an owl just so she could afford to buy food for her equally starving family. Oh! A mother’s love…

Though wildlife trade is prohibited in the Kenyan Conservative laws, this desperate woman was left with no other choice. She said the owl was her gift from God who didn’t want her and her poor children to die of starvation.

The pale looking woman attracted attention from traders and buyers alike who couldn’t help but pause to listen to her poignant story.

Identified as Ms Kamene Kakai from Museva village, the poor was woman placed a price tag of Sh 250 on her commodity but wished someone, anyone would offer her as much as Sh 1000 for the bird.

Ms Kakai said she would have cooked the nocturnal creature for her children to eat if only the bird was fit for human consumption.

She explained that the because the bird was not edible she decided to find a way to earn from it so she could save her dying family.

A Nairobi News reporter was at the scene to extract some information from her.

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“My children will starve to death unless someone volunteers to buy this bird,” she says. She added, “I wish I can get a buyer offering Sh 500 or even Sh 1000….I was left with the choice of watching my children die and opted to bring this owl to the market.”

Though none of the onlookers seemed interested in buying the bird, the undeterred famished mother kept up with her marketing.

Other poor Kenyans who have been affected by the ongoing food shortage seemed to relate to her story.

Ms Kamene Kakai has 5 children and supposing she is able to sell the owl, Sh 250 will afford her only 2.5 kg of the unga staple whose price has inflated recently due to subsidisation.

Food shortage in the country has become one of the most discussed topics as the August 8 polls draw near.