10 Famous Actors and Actresses Born in Kenya

Kenya is country well known worldwide because of its great victory in Olympic Games. The country was also a home for many famous people in the world coming from various fields of work. Kenya is a home of prolific writers, actors, scientists and mentors just but to mention a few. There are many famous actors and actresses born in Kenya or who used to live in Kenya but their tentacles are internationally spread out and are making waves outside the country. At the local cinemas, there are loads of Kenyan actors gracing the big screens and it is only a matter of time before they become recognized in the international scene.  The following list comprises of Kenyan actors and actresses who were born in Kenya and are now internationally recognized.

Popular Actors and Actresses Born in Kenya

1. Kiran Shah

Kiran Shah Collectormania GMex run by Showmasters held at the GMex centre Manchester, England - 12.02.06 Credit: Tracy Moreno-King / WENN (Newscom TagID: wennphotos213075)     [Photo via Newscom]















Kiran shah was born in September 1956 in Nairobi and later left for India when he was 12 years old. He is a famous actor that is known by the name Ginarrbrik in his bestselling movies like the chronicles of Narnia and the witch and the wardrobe. Kiran is not only a good actor but also writes poetry. In addition to being a successful actor, he is also a stuntman

2. Manoj Sood

Manoj Sood

Manoj Sood was born in Mombasa town where her parents used to live in May 1962. The actress grew in western Canada and discovered her talent in the year 1991. Manoj was able to act in American MOW. She continuously went for acting classes and has become a victor in the industry of entertainment.

3. Veena Sood

Veena Sood

Veena Sood is an Indian by origin and she is internationally recognized in her works in both comedy and drama. The Indian actress was born in Nairobi Kenya and has a theater degree in drama which motivated her to come up with the Loose Moose Theatre Company. She has been able to act a lot of plays that have made her very popular and is one of the forces to reckon with among the popular international actresses born in Kenya.

4. Susie Figgis

Susie Figgis

This is one of the most experienced and highly respected casting directors in the UK. Susan was born and raised in Kenya. The family later went to England were she spent the rest of her life there. She first become an assistant in her first work place but later rose in ranks successfully. Her first release was the dollar bill film which rocked in her teenage life. She went on to surprise people with good works like the Sleepy Hollow and The Full Monty in 1999.all this practice that led her to be prominent was because she took her time working in her cousin’s place. Mike Figgis his cousin showed her a lot of things that she embraced later.

5. Charles Dieva Mnene

Charles Mnene













Charles the only child in his family was born in Nairobi Kenya. He was raised by his grandmother who also took time to take him around Africa. He was one lucky child who lived in different places of the country during his child life.When Charles was nine years old he went to England and lived in Willesden North West of London. Charles loved to watch films and perhaps this is what triggered
him to study video production and drama after he left school. Westminster arts collage was the starting point of Charles career as an actor. Charles was later able to be casted in Blue Orange and played the character Christopher. He has acted in the play The Great Ecstasy and The Chosen Ones.