Terror Siezes Locals As Cannibals From Uganda Move Into Kenya

Speculations are all over the internet that a flesh-eating community from Uganda has moved into Kenya after a report by Radio Citizen about a recent case of Ugandan cannibals devouring human fllesh in Kampala.

The unconfirmed report has made the rounds on social media platforms, specifically Facebook and WhatsApp.

The rumours claim the human eaters are now in Bungoma and its environs after crossing the Kenyan border.

Ugandan cannibals


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Recently, Radio Citizen ran a report about cannibalism in Uganda and highlighted a recent case that happened in Kampala. The extremely upsetting audio tells a story of the humans who were killed by other fellow humans and the ways in which they were converted into edible meat.

You can listen to the audio report from Radio Citizen below:

In most countries, the act of human cannibalism is neither a problem, nor a illegal.

The practice on the other hand, has been greatly condemned in several parts of the world where it has been practiced, especially in Liberia and Congo. However, it still exists in Papua New Gunea as of 2012 for occult practices, in rituals, and in war-torn areas, especially among the various Melanesian tribes.

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Also in Indonesian, and to some members of the Korowai tribe, human flesh remains a dish focal to their culture and they enjoy it just like others enjoy Nyama Choma in Kenya.

Ugandan cannibals

Also, in Kenya, Cannibal suspects have been nabbed in isolated cases in the past even though the cases have never been prominent or rampant.

Such kind of human-eating incidents have also been recorded in Nigeria. In 2014, the country’s police arrested 11 people and closed a restaurant after a tip-off. The authorities said they discovered two human heads wrapped in cellophane at a hotel located in Anambra, Nigera.