Shocking! Three Female Terrorists Attack Mombasa Police Station

On Sunday, three female terrorists orchestrated an attack on Mombasa Central Police Station to coincide with the 9/11 memorial.

The women, all dressed in hijab, came in to the police station to report a false incident. They claimed to have had their phone stolen before they brandished knives and stabbed attending officers. One of the attackers was carrying a petrol bomb and attempted to burn down the station.

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All three female terrorists were killed at the scene. Two police officers were injured and a section of the police station burned.

Mombasa County Commander Peterson Maelo confirmed the incident, saying one of them stabbed the officer manning the report desk, which forced other officers to shoot. Two of the attackers died instantly with the third one shot as she tried to escape.

Female Terrorists

There were reports of gun shots and explosions being heard from the station, which is located in the center of the city.

The commander added that the exact motives of the attackers are unknown but that the two officers rushed to the hospital are responding to treatment.

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It has however emerged that the attackers were trying to retaliate the raid by security agencies on the Musa mosque in Majengo. Six worshipers as well as a police officer was killed during that raid. Two of the attackers lived and studied in the mosque.

Musa mosque has a history of radicalism. Mombasa’s militant preachers and militants currently battling the Kenyan army in Lamu can all be traced back to the mosque.

The police have also arrested three other women and a man in connection to the Sunday attacks. The suspects who are all refugees from Somalia are believed to have lived with the three gunned down terrorists.

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The emerging trend of terror groups using females to perpetrate attacks is a nightmare for security agencies. The clothing requirements for females of the Muslim faith allows for them to conceal their identity and weapons.

This has become a growing concern all around the world as major cities are beginning to ban the attires being worn in public places.

Warning!! Graphic Photos Below

Female Terrorists


Female Terrorists