Waititu Pulls Stunt After Emergence of William Kabogo Evidence

Ferdinand Waititu has announced that his ex-classmates in India are ready to march to court to confirm the originality of his degree. The Kabete MP is insisting that he schooled at Punjab University but Kiambu Governor William Kabogo says his degree is not valid.

In an interview on K24 on Thursday,he  stated that up to 60 of his classmates can’t wait to be in court. As proof of his claim, he aired his certificate from the institution during the interview.

“Not only do I have a degree certificate from the university, but also transcripts, under the name Clifford Waititu. My classmates are eagerly waiting to come out and prove they went to school with me.”

The interview a day after Kiambu governor questioned the legitimacy of Ferdinand Waititu’s certification in an affidavit. In the interview, he lectured the Kiambu governor that there is a legal way of changing names and railed at him for fighting tooth and nail to deter him form contesting for his seat in the next general election coming next year.

He challenged the leader to be abreast of the fact that voters are the ones to decide who will lead them and not the court. Watuitu also said he is certain 90 per cent of the votes will go to him if the country decided to have the election at the time of his interview.

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Defiantly noting that he is ready to be the governor, he urged his fans in Kabete to be patient for him till next year, adding that the election day will soon swing by swiftly.

The forged degree claims were reignited on Wednesday after Kabogo presented an affidavit revealing that Waititu has never schooled in the university.


The two politicians have been entangled in the legal battle over the authencity of Ferdinand Waititu’s certificate for a while now. Kabogo claims that he reached out to the institution after an anonymous person forwarded several exhibits to him in June 2015.

He added that he demanded the Legacy Law Offices in Chandigarh, India, to make inquires from SGGS College on the procedure and the documents that are pre-requisite for admission to the University.

In response, Sri Guru Gobind Singh College, an associate college of Panjab University, said ‘Clifford Ndung’u Waititu’ registered at the university in the 1985-86 academic year and graduated in 1987-88. However, Parveen Moudgil, a senior associate in the establishment, revealed that no ‘Ferdinand Waititu’ was ever enrolled at the university.

Waititu has handed over certificates from primary school to the university, hinting on his reason for bearing different names and according to him he used his grandfather’s names before his mother was married and later adopted his father’s names.

Kabogo also presented copies of birth certificates of Waititu’s brother and mother to support his case. He confessed that he was aware that a student was registered in Form One at Dagoretti High School on 11th March 1980 under the name Ndung’u Wainaina son of Waititu Ndogi. But that the name was not that of Ferdinand.

He stated in the alleged document that he too is an alumnus of Panjab University, and that was why he saw the need to protect the reputation of those who studied at the institution.