Ferdinand Waititu

Kiambu Governor’s seat hopeful Ferdinand Waititu has laughed off claims he used juju to win his nomination.

Mr. Waitutu beat incumbent Governor William Kabogo by a wide margin to become the Jubilee Party nominee.

Governor Kabogo was then said to have attributed his loss to politicians in the county who consulted witch doctors to sway voters in their favor.

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Ferdinand Waititu did not take kindly to his supposed rival’s words and addressed it during a church service in Thika town where the two politicians shared a podium.

The fiery politician attributed his victory to his good relationship with God and cautioned voters against being misled by Kabogo’s campaign strategies and propaganda.

“I have all my life depended on God for survival and my relationship with Him was evident during the Jubilee Party primaries where I defeated the sitting governor,” said Waitutu to the congregation at PCEA church in Thika town.

“I’m urging you to listen to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s plea and give him soldiers from his party,” he added.

In response to Waititu, Governor Kabogo who is running as an independent first complained about people conducting politics in church.

“I want to ask the church to pray for us leaders because when we are told not to conduct politics in church, we do exactly that.”

He then went on to do a bit politicking himself by urging church goers to support his re-election bid. He reminded them that he initiated development in the county and that his track record was indisputable.

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“I am the sitting governor of Kiambu and I’m seeking re-election. You have seen my clear track record which my rivals cannot dispute. I’m asking you not to gamble with the leadership of Kiambu and elect the best,” Kabogo said.

Kabogo also added that his opponents have nothing to show and defended the various projects he has initiated and how he has improved lives of Kiambu people.