10 Things You Didn’t Know About Fidel Odinga

You’ve probably heard about Fidel Odinga. But how much do you know about this son of Kenya’s former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga? You see him in the news often or hear of his high-profile projects but have you ever wondered where young Odinga gets his billions from? Here are 10 things you may not know about this controversial Kenyan Big Boy.

10 Lesser Known Facts About Fidel Odinga

1. He is the son to former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga is probably the most popular politician in Kenya at the moment along with President Kenyatta. He is a seasoned politician, who’s been both in opposition and in government during his over 20 years in high level politics. Raila’s wife Ida Odinga is also Fidel’s mum. Fidel (1973) is the first-born in a family of four; two boys and two girls. The other boy is Raila Junior (1979) and the two girls are Rosemary (1977) and Winnie (1990).

2. His first wife was Kikuyu

While love can be blind, this move had a few elements of politics in it. Luo and Kikuyu were during that time enjoying a spell of good relations; Kibaki – a Kikuyu and Raila – a Luo were President and Prime Minister respectively. Could Raila have endorsed the marriage with one eye on the 2013 elections? You never know.

3. He divorced his first wife in 2011

News of an impending divorce first broke on November 25, 2011. Fidel is reported to be the one who wanted the divorce. The reasons for the divorce have not been made public but a few Kenyans read politics in the whole act and many quickly branded their 4 year marriage a mere “show”.

4. He is now married to an Eritrean, Gatachew Bekele

Some reports indicate that Lwam Gatachew Bekele is an Ethiopian but the super beauty is actually an Eritrean. The wedding was done somewhere in early August 2012 at an invited-only event. Fidel and Lwam had been dating for close to two years before the wedding. Fidel is a big socialite, always mingling with the public so you can’t question his ability to catch the eye of an Ethiopian. Good luck Fidel!

Fidel Odinga 1

5. His new wife is alleged to have had an affair with a best friend

Kenyan daily newspaper, The Star, was the first to report of these infidelity claims on September 5, 2012. Fidel quickly took to the press to deny the claims but it was already too late; people were already pouring their hearts out regarding the matter on social media including Twitter and Facebook.

6. His first-born, a boy, turns 1 in august 2014

Fidel’s first born turns 1-year-old in July 2014. While he never had a child with his first wife, Odinga junior seems to have moved fast to get a child with his new Eritrean sweetheart. Surely it can’t be that Gatachew Bekele was more beautiful than Wanjiru. Maybe Fidel just felt it was time he lived a more serious life. Anyway, the boy was born on Wednesday, July 31, 2013

7. Is he a billionaire?

Fidel and other investors are alleged to own a 4 star hotel in Kisumu. Parkview Hotel, located along Harambee Road Kisumu, this costs an estimated Ksh. 950million. Fidel is also part of a group building a 350+ units housing estate in the lakeside city, around Carwash/Migosi. According to the developer who also worked on the quotation, the project is likely to cost in excess of Ksh. 1.9 billion. So yes, Fidel could as well be called a billionaire.

8. Eating with golden cutlery?

Apparently, Fidel is not a fan of aluminum cutlery. If emerging reports are to be believed, the man uses Gold spoons whenever he goes out partying. But then what else would you expect if he’s always going out with the likes of Jeffrey Kiboro, Ali Hassan Joho and Amason Kingi?

9. Does he deal in drugs?

Fidel Odinga’s criminal records shows  that the wealthy man was once charged with being in possession of illegal drugs – Marijuana to be specific. These details had long been hidden from the public but have now been revealed thanks to the rise of a global information society. According to a report, in 2001 while studying in the United States of America, Mr. Odinga was once penalised to  pay US$305 (Ksh. 24,000) for possessing marijuana.

10. It is said Raila is grooming him for Kenyan politics

Could Raila be grooming his eldest son Fidel Castro Odinga for politics? In the 2013 elections, Fidel was thought to be one of the several high-profile names chasing the Langata parliamentary seat; whatever happened you can’t really tell. But with him being increasingly involved in ODM politics of late, it won’t be long before his name appears on the ballot paper.


So you thought  you knew Fidel Odinga, I’m sure some things here have surprised you.

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