Kenyan Parliament building

A fire erupted in the Kenyan Parliament building on the evening of Wednesday, January 11, 2017.

The fire incident occurred on the sauna – the same building that houses the MPs’ offices.

Amongst the buildings in the Kenyan Parliament, it was detected at the Continental House, where the members of the parliament offices are situated.

The Kenyan parliament building was shut down following the discovery of the fire, and Engineers were assigned to find out and solve the electrical issue which was believed to have caused the fire.

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Speaking to the press, Justin Muntari, the current speaker of the Kenyan Parliament, said that a parliament staff detected the fire.

“They were on routine duty at Continental House and detected the smell of smoke as it burned wood. Upon keen observation, the staff realized that a small part of the wooden sauna roof which is located on the basement floor had caught fire.”


According to reports, the staff contained the fire immediately and called the Nairobi Fire brigade who brought the matter under control.

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Muntari concluded:

“Parliament would like to clarify that the fire was as a result of failed electronic fire temperature controller in the sauna room. Consequently, the room has been closed temporarily.”

Previously, the parliament once had a fierce argument when there was three days power outage in the parliament building. It was said that the power outage was a result of no-payment of accumulated bills by the parliamentary service commission (PSC).

After the arguments by the MPs’, the light was later restored through the intervention of the Head of the Civil service.

At no point have they witnessed a fire outbreak in the parliament building and now the election waves are so high, anything can happen at any time.

Some are of the opinion that the fire outbreak was meant to alert the MPs’ to know that nowhere is safe and they should leave their political power tussle and listen to the cries of the masses.