Touching Love Story: Firefighter With 70% Burnt Body Finds His True Love

A picture of a firefighter who is 70% burnt with his lover holding hands and kissing has moved millions of people around the world.

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Daniel Lyon, a 25-year-old Washington State firefighter was a lucky survivor of being trapped in the middle of a blaze a year ago.

He and three of his fellow firefighters were making progress in trying to put out the flames but were unfortunately, overwhelmed by smokes that crashed the engine of their vehicle.

Shortly, the flames engulfed their vehicle and fortunately for Daniel, he was the only one to come out alive.

Though he survived, he remained in critical care for more than two weeks and ended up with 70% of his body being damaged by the fire accident.

Throughout his stay in the hospital and through 14 surgeries, his family and friends remained supportive. However, the support he got from his new girlfriend Megan Lanfear is exceptional.

Prior to the accident, Megan was just a casual friend. There wasn’t anything attached, no intimacy of any sort. But their relationship suddenly blossomed into a special love affairs worthy of the movies.

As 2016 winds down, the couple saw the need to litter their social media with envy-inducing snaps of themselves having a wonderful time to inspire others to learn that nothing can hold back real love.


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Daniel says he appreciates her role in helping him emotionally and mentally.

Megan, on the other hand, said she is attracted by his perseverance. She also finds him very inspirational.

She said: “after all he’s been through, he still always has a smile on his face. And he’s super strong. He’s a really good person.”

Watch the video of the love birds looking happier than ever.