First Lady Margaret Kenyatta Brings American Audience To Tears With Her Touching Speech

Yesterday, First Lady Margaret Kenyatta received a massive round of applause from a U.S audience who she got standing on their feet while they give her prolonged applause for her brilliant reason for choosing to run marathons instead of living in the comfort of her status.

Speaking to an attentive audience of corporates, investors and political leaders from Arizona, the First Lady revealed her reason for opting for marathon.

According to her, the wearying marathons are to raise funds to alleviate all Kenyan mothers and children who were suffering unnecessary pain and avoidable deaths through provision of medical care.

She noted for the first time since her title, that it was easier for her to pick being just the First Lady of Kenya and bask on it but decided to help the endangered children and mothers in Kenya.

The First lady stirred firm emotion among the crowd when she accompanied her speech with a video clip showing when she was running the race with thousands of Kenyans.

Most of the people who are in audience could not control their emotions as they broke into tears.

As the video plays, the First Lady said:

“I have literally been running marathons and I can understand if that doesn’t immediately strike you as behaviour befitting the wife of a Head of State, but I assure you, it has all been for the greater good”.

The First Lady made this statement at the JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Resort during a First Lady’s fund-raising luncheon which hosted more than 1500 supporters and sponsors of Beyond Zero.

The attendees include primarily, the business community from Arizona.

And the money expected to gather from the event will add a boost to the Project C.U.R.E, described as an international medical supplies relief organization which has its base spread across over 130 countries, to send down more medical equipment to Kenya.

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During the emotionally brimming speech, the First Lady made emphasis on the pressing need to recognize the weight of healthcare all mothers and children need.

She urges that swift action is required to save the mothers and children at risk, adding that the initative sponsors need to make this their top priority.

She made reference to the countless number of avoidable deaths that continue to happen, terming them heartbreaking and capable of stopping people in their tracks.

According to her:

“It is a race to save lives. It is a race against time”

Meanwhile the same marathons have drawn her husband, president Uhuru’s Kenyatta’s administration. After this year’s edition, President Uhuru Kenyatta in a video took to his social media platform to send a heartwarming message to his wife First Lady Margaret Kenyatta while he was a tour to Ghana.

The president lauded his wife for finishing the 10km First Lady Half Marathon which was held on Sunday morning in Nairobi successfully.

It has also drawn the attention of influential and rich people in Africa. The richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote had even made an enormous presentation to the First Lady Margaret Kenyatta’s initiative known as ‘Beyond Zero Campaign’, giving it a major boost.

First lady, Margaret Kenyatta, has so far shared given a good number of mobile clinic to almost all the counties in Kenya with Wajir County receiving its second mobile clinic through her Beyond Zero campaign on Monday, January 1, 2016.