Married Female MP Warns DP Ruto To Stay Out Of her Marriage

Busia Women Representative Florence Mutua, on Thursday, shared a very emotional message on social media, accusing Deputy President William Ruto of whittling her because she is a woman.

The female Member of Parliament (MP) claimed that Mr Ruto made her the centre of discussion while talking with Members of the Busia County Assembly when he visited for a meeting with leaders on August 1 in Nairobi.

Ms Mutua’s statement read in part:

“During this visit, the DP made my re-election and that of Busia Governor Mr Sospeter Ojaamong the sole subjects of discussion. The DP was categorical that I, Hon Florence Mutua, was a stranger in that County and should not be re-elected.”

She explained that the DP implied that she can’t contest for any political post in the Luhya community simply because she married outside the region.

The ODM Deputy Organising Secretary warned Ruto, saying:

“I wish to tell the Deputy President to get off my back and steer clear of me and Busia politics.

“I am a proud daughter of Western Kenya by birth and I am a resident of Western by marriage. Ruto must not attempt to define my origins for me and he must get out of my personal birth and marital life.

“However, if the DP has problems with me personally, I challenge him to face me directly and stop using MCAs to fight his personal wars.”

Ms Mutua added that the Deputy President should respect women and support them in Kenya’s male-dominated politics.

“We expect him to give them support, not undermine them through reckless declarations driven by male chauvinism,” she added.

She also told Ruto to consider the development problems of the country rather than politicking every now and then, adding that his political strategy is destructive to the nation.

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Speaking further, she also said:

“The country is totally off track. Schools are on fire, there is run away corruption, unresolved extra-judicial killings, insecurity and high levels of unemployment for the youth. These challenges are so many and open that I find it difficult to understand why a whole DP would convene a meeting just to discuss me.”

Here is the statement:

Florence Mutua warns Ruto


In response, Deputy President William Ruto through his Communication Secretary Mr David Mugonyi called her a liar who got her news through a wrong crack, since she was not in the meeting.

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“She (Ms Mutua) was not in the meeting, so purporting to know what transpired is engaging in rumour-mongering,” he added.

Mr Mugonyi assured that the DP respects women and that Ms Mutua should not be worried about who Ruto visits, since he is not a voter in the region.