Bizarre! Watch Prophet Owuor’s Followers Wash Roads With Detergents For Him To Pass

Church members of self-proclaimed Prophet, David Owuor, streamed out the streets of Nakuru equipped with brooms to clean up the roads in preparation for the prophet’s arrival Friday for a three-day prayer meeting.

The countless worshipers also had enough buckets of water and detergents as they washed the roads where Owuor’s motorcade would pass on his arrival to hold a crusade in the town.

The happy crowd cheered one another on as they sang and danced on the streets with sheer enthusiasm. The group also emptied filled garbage bins in the town saying it was a sign of unholiness.

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They also rented some water boozers to ensure that nothing was lacking in the cleaning process. The move, of course, shocked residents of Nakuru town and many Kenyans.

Photos and videos have been making rounds online and they show marveled passersby who were shocked at the move. However, the worshipers swept swiftly, typically unconcerned about who was starring.

Followers of Prophet Owuorclean roads for him-2

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The incident has attracted mixed reactions from Kenyans on social media. While some believe the worshipers are not supposed to be mocked for keeping the roads clean for the church head, others are of the opinion that the believers are worshiping him instead of God.

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Followers of Prophet Owuorclean roads for him-3

Prophet Owuor has gathered many members in the country as many think his prophecies are genuine and should be heeded to. His followers believe so much in him that they have pushed more boundaries in the past for him quite more than washing the roads. They at some point lay sheets on the road for his motorcade to pass.

They see him as a real man of God and  as much respect as was given to Jesus Christ during his triumphant entry into Jerusalem. It is written in the Bible that Jesus’ followers laid palm leaves on the road as he rode a donkey into the city.

But the prophet’s critics have argued that in those days, Jesus rode a donkey and even walked in most instances, while Owuor moves around town in high-end cars with detailed security that at times causes traffic snarl-ups.

Followers of Prophet Owuorclean roads for him-1

Archbishop Dr. Paul Onjoro of Repentance and Holiness Ministry had revealed that more than 1,200 police officers will secure the prayer event expected to be graced by about seven million followers.

The national overseer of the movement added that the meeting will be a special one as over 18,000 local and 400 foreign preachers from diverse denominations are set to grace the prayers.

The prayer is to hold at the Menengai Grounds from Friday through Sunday. Nakuru Town West Deputy County Commissioner, Elmi Shaffi, warned his followers to be mindful of criminals who might themselves as followers only to rob them of valuables.

He urged the nation to respect other people’s beliefs, adding that Kenya is a free state with freedom of worship.