Footballer Shows Referee Red Card After His Team Mate Got Sent Off

Violence in football games seems to be growing more dramatically today than ever. Several undisciplined actions have been depicted by players during the sports. But recently, it appears more strange and life-threatening misconducts have become the new trend.

A few days ago, a young player shot a referee to death in a match in Argentina, for showing him a red card for a foul he committed.

Now, Trabzonspor player Salih Dursin, who was angry after a referee in a Turkish league sent off his teammate Luis Cavanda, did the most unusual.

The furious player Dursin picked up the referees card when it fell on the floor, shoved it in the referee’s face, and asked him to march out of the field.

Finding the behaviour unruly and strangely insulting, the referee gave Dursin a red card of his own, leaving his team with only 7 outfield players.

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The Galatasaray’s 2-1 win over Trabzonspor, at Turk Telekom Arena on Sunday, was detracted by disorderly scenes, as the losing side had to complete the match with just seven men.

The red card dropped mistakenly from the referee in the 87th minute, as Trabzonspor players were complaining in a choatic manner for his actions.

The incident brings to mind one in which Paul Gascoigne received a booking for showing the referee a yellow card during a game between Rangers and Hibernian in 1995.

Violence and player disobedience to referees and racism is something Turkish football has gotten used to.

In October 2015, Trabzonspor club president, Ibrahim Haciosmanoglu, locked four officials in their stadium after a draw with Gaziantepspor.

Turkish president Recep Tayyip was forced to later intervene and the referees were released after four hours.