Post-Match Interview: Footballer Mistakenly Thanks His Wife And Girlfriend

It was as evident as ever that Mohammed Anas, a Ghanian player has skills and is ready to display it in the field. The player shut down the team’s opponent attack and made his team move to a final score of a 2-2 draw.

The moment which was magical for football fans made him stand out as he was awarded the “man of the match title”.

However, he may not have a great skill in keeping some things that should be personal out of the public ear. After scoring twice in the 2-2 with Ajax Cape Town, Anas, 22, he lost control and dropped a bombshell speech that has shattered the internet into pieces.

In the speech dubbed the best Man of the Match speech of all-time, he is thought to acknowledge both his wife and girlfriend. As he stood before the press – who between the end of the game, could be seen struggling to be the first to ask some probing questions obviously because it was him that took the field for Free State Stars on Friday night in South African Premier Division match – he made the statement.

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The football enthusiast and a great Froward player began with a good message to his fans, things took a different turn when he, in the same sentence, thanked his “wife and girlfriend” while accepting his man of the match award.

In a state of something close to an uncontrollable emotion, he said “Thank you for this, I appreciate my fans. My wife and my girlfriend… I mean my wife, sorry”.

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Realising that he has done nothing but drop an outlandish statement,  he moved to explain that he meant his wife and not his girlfriend.

He seemed somehow embarrassed and couldn’t construct a solid sentence to end his interview after “the big mistake”. I  mean after the dark mess it’s difficult to expect him to still speak logically. Anyway, chances are it was just a mere mistake who knows?

Watch The Interview

The total slip has got many questioning what his wife’s reaction would be knowing that her husband may actually be acknowledging his side chick.
Some have also openly mocked, taunted and trash-talked his awful mistake while was speaking on live TV.
Twitter also had something to say about the interview, with many funny comments
Here Are Some:

While this has raised some reactions, we would like to know how you would react if you were watching the match as his wife. We think he’ll have to start cleaning up his act.
He already started the process when he made it clear that he was referring to his wife and not girlfriend. But why did the word come from in the first place?