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Following reports of assaults, ex-Bumula MP Bifwoli Wakoli has urged Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula to stop giving the quest to move to the presidency a thought after being knocked about by his wife.

Wetang’ula and his wife had accused each other for being physically brutal at the police station and also reported that they went to hospital for treatment after exchanging blows but did at separate times.

Th former MP Wakoli found it funny and embarrassing that the senator received well packed punches from his wife to the extent of requiring hospital attention.

This was moments after it was made public that Wetang’ula and his wife, in a shocking twist, recorded a statement at Karen police station claiming that they both were whacked and roughed up.

The MP described the fight between the couple as an awkward one, not only to the people involved but to the entire Mulembe community. The director of Kenya Water Trust Agency states:

In Bukusu culture, if a woman, especially your wife, beats you up you are done completely and cannot say anything in front of elders.

He further stated that Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula might have forgotten about the provisions of culture after the battering that took him to hospital as culture demands a man not to head to police when beaten by a woman he married with his fund.

He then added that:

A man who wants to be President should put his house in order.

In a speech issued during a funds raising at Mabanga church on Sunday, Wakoli pointed out that he would not vote if the senator from Bukusu is the only option for shaming the community.

I cannot support such a man even if he wants to be an MCA.

He further said President Uhuru Kenyatta has his support in the 2017 general election.

The ex-MP called on women to keep abreast their true African and biblical nature by honouring their husbands. He begged them not to beat their husbands at all and not even to the extent of landing them to the hospital.

He noted:

Women love your husbands as the Bible says.

Noting that gender violence is already on the rise, Bungoma woman representative Reginalda Wanyonyi weighed in on the issue. She begged the women to resolve family issues with love and calmness.

According to her:

We cannot have women beating up our leaders until they report to the police.

She added that domestic violence involving women who are battered by their husbands should also be brought into focus as both need to be tackled.

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Trans Nzoia woman representative Janet Nangabo added that irresponsible men seem to be in the race to rule the country and asks the public to handle such kind of men.

According to her:

If you men cannot handle some things, it is better to leave them to us.

Other notable persons who were at the event when the fight was addressed were Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka and Water Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa.

Social media users didn’t mist miss on the backlash as many creative hands came up with some mockery mimes and Tweets to share their reactions.

Here are some of the most funny reactions that caught our eyes.