“Form Tribunal For Justice Tunoi Before Tomorrow.” Lawyers Tell Uhuru

Lawyers have urged the president to set up the tribunal that will further look into Justice Tunoi’s case and decide on it once and for all.

Based on their statements, President Uhuru Kenyatta has no option other than setting up a tribunal to conclude the case of Supreme Court judge Philip Tunoi.

Law Society of Kenya (LSK) Chairman Eric Mutua said:

He has no choice other than setting up the team to hear the case for now.

The lawyers also mandated the president to create the tribunal and make its members legally known to the overall public by tomorrow.

Ex chairman of Law Society of Kenya, Okong’o Omogeni cautioned that the county might experience a constitutional crisis over the disagreement between State House and the JSC on the creation of a tribunal to investigate allegations leveled against Tunoi.

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Lawyer Harun Ndubi, in support of the mandate, said that the President must create the tribunal as stated in the law and should not allowed himself to be led astray by his advisers.

He said:

The President is being misled and I believe he is able to read by himself what the Constitution says. It is the law that requires him to form the tribunal.

Referencing appointment of judges that was delayed for nearly a year, Ndubi said president Uhuru has daring the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) the second time with his delay.

Ndubi maintains that President does not need a proof before he creates the tribunal. He says they should be on camera, unless the judge agrees not to make it public.

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Omogeni also said that Tunoi will not be eligible to sit on the bench again after the end of 14 days since the JSC submitted its report to the President recommending the formation of a tribunal to investigate him.

Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi had written on his Twitter timeline that the original amount of money involved in Supreme Court bribery saga was false. He claimed that the actual sum involved was Sh300 million and not Sh200 million as alleged earlier.

He also explained how the money was disbursed, noting that Sh200 million was for 4 judges while two were paid individually.

Judicial Service Commission petitioned the President on February 9.

Philip Tunoi allegedly collected a Sh200m bribe from Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero to rule a case in favour of him. The two suspects have denied any involvement in any corrupt act.

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