Former Devolution CS Waiguru Sues Two CORD Senators For Defamation

Former Devolution Cabinet Secretary, Anne Waiguru has charged two CORD senators, Sen. Johnson Muthama and Sen. Boni Khalwale to the courthouse on account of defamation.

Waiguru made the move on Wednesday through her lawyer Mohamed Nyaoga, stating that the two Senators described her, during a rally at the Uhuru Park in September 2015, as a public worker who used her office to embezzle public funds. According to her report file, the senators had said things that could be taken to mean that the President Uhuru Kenyatta had given her some Sh25 billion, which was subsequently misappropriated.


She said,

The two Cord senators had insinuated that I was given Sh25 billion by the President, and urged him to take Sh17 billion from me and pay teachers.

She made this statement in reference to the period when the allegedly defamatory statement was made. At that time, Public School teachers were trying to make the government increase their salaries.


According to Waiguru, she had been alerted by a phone call from a friend, urging her to go tune into Citizen TV, to see the senators actively smearing her name on National Television. And when she turned on the glass box, she saw the CORD senators making “derogatory statements” against her.

The statement, to which she had referred, had been spoken in native Swahili and when translated to English would read something close to

Mr President, alone knows the amount of money that has been taken by Waiguru. We will never sit around and watch her take Sh900 million and then the President goes ahead to defend her by saying, ‘Waiguru is not a thief….’

According to her lawyer, the senators also made statements meant to paint her as being a woman of loose morals.

Waiguru is currently seeking payment for damage, and an unreserved public apology from the two CORD senators for their words.