Former US Missionary Gets 40 Years Sentence For Sex With Children In Kenya

A federal judge in Oklahoma has sentenced a former missionary, 21 year old Matthew Lane Durham to 40 years in prison Monday, for sexually assaulting children – including three girls and a boy – while working at the facility, court documents reveal.

Matthew was convicted of abusing some school children sexually at an orphanage in Kenya contrary to the job he was tasked to do. On that account, Judge David L. Russell sentenced him  to four decades in prison.

The court documents reveal that Durham was found guilty of four counts of “engaging in illicit sexual conduct in foreign places.”

Prosecutors sentenced Durham  for abusing and hurting the orphans while he had volunteered to help children at the Upendo Children’s Orphanage Home in Nairobi, Kenya – a heartrending abuse that occurred between April 2014 and June 2014.

They also said Durham “did not only sexually abuse the children against their will,” but he also “psychologically ruined them by using to his advantage the trust they had for him.”

Prosecutors wrote to the court,

In a span of just 33 days, Durham raped three girls — ages 5, 9 and 15 — at least eight times. During that same period, he sexually molested a 12-year-old boy twice.

After being convicted, Durham didn’t show any emotion on Monday morning, March 7th. U.S. District Judge David L. Russell described the offence as a heinous and a horrific one.

The judge also tasked Durham to pay a fine of $15,863 in addition to the 40 year prison term as a restitution fee.

A jury had found him guilty in June on seven counts of abuse, but the judge acquitted Durham of three of the counts in January 2016. The judge insists that the former conviction didn’t state that the offender was guilty of sexual act with children.

Durham is just another saddening story of pedophiles around the world. But the distinct thing revolving his own case which is more scary is the fact that the ugly abuse came from a person who was supposed to safeguard the children against such abuse.

Durham who arrived at Upendo Children’s Centre as a missionary in 2014 to join others in helping the neglected children ended up abusing them, the criminal complaint states.

That was not the first the young man had volunteered as he had volunteered at the school three times prior to this.

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The complaint also stated that:

Durham arrived in Kenya through an organization sponsored by an American citizen which employs volunteers from the Oklahoma church community.

The organization offers basic things of life to neglected children in Nairobi including food, housing and clothes.

It further disclosed that when Durham had arrived to the centre, he asked for an overflow bunk in the school vicinity instead of a facility located outside the school where the families of the sponsor were housed.

A caretaker of the school, who started observing the absurd, reported it to the school authorities. Durham’s passport was later seized, after which school leaders held it for some days. He jetted back to Oklahoma. The complaints which say Durham was engaging in “lasting embraces” as well as “ sharing beds with some of the children on their beds” at night insists Durham had abused the children.

When Durham was taken into custody by police, his lawyer told the media that Durham’s was twisted into admitting he committed the crime, just so he gets back his passport.

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