Francis Nyenze: Former Minority Leader And Kitui West MP Is Dead

Kitui West Member of Parliament Francis Nyenze is dead. He was 60 years old.

The former Minority Leader died on Wednesday morning while being treated at a Nairobi hospital following a long battle with Colon Cancer.

His body was moved to the Lee Funeral Home.

The MP was last seen publicly during his swearing-in at Parliament Buildings on August 31, 2017. He carried an oxygen tank into the chambers, a sign that he was not in good health condition.

Nyenze arrived at the assembly about 10 am dragging the tank behind him, with the tubes connected to his body.

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Francis Nyenze was born in 1958. He got into parliament in 1997 when he was elected MP for Kitui West on a KANU Party ticket.

He became a close political ally to then President Daniel Moi who appointed him Minister for Environment. He was later transferred to the Heritage and Sports Ministry during a Cabinet reshuffle in 2001.

Nyenze first served as an MP for one term before losing to Winnie Nyiva Mwendwa in the 2002 elections. He made a comeback in 2013 when he reclaimed his position, which he successfully defended in the 2017 election.

NASA Eulogy For Francis Nyenze

Opposition leader Raila Odinga and his NASA co-principals have eulogized Francis Nyenze.

The NASA chiefs conveyed “heartfelt sympathies and sincere condolences” to constituents and all Kenyans, noting Nyenze served with dedication for decades.

“NASA has lost a dedicated and outspoken leader who always stood by what he believed and was good for his constituents and the nation,” read a statement signed by all the NASA principals.

The Opposition leaders further noted said Nyenze steered NASA MPs in the National Assembly through the “difficult and hostile 2013-2017 through very careful balancing’.

“We know that his passing fills his constituents and the NASA family with powerful emotions, given the countless ways in which he served the nation,” he said. “It is our hope that God will grant his family and constituents the strength to cope with the loss. May God rest his soul in eternal peace.”