From Street Child To Supreme Court Intern, Morris Wins Big Again

The 15-year-old intelligent street child who blew Kenyan press away with his razor-sharp definition of opportunity and what it means to all the children in the street, has gained another massive reward for his cleverness.

Morris in a video explained the challenges which obstructs the success of many vibrant children in the street, blaming it on lack of opportunity. Little did he know that he was creating a wide opportunity for himself.

He added in the video that he would like to become a lawyer someday and a good one at that. The type that will curb the rampant corruption in the country.

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Chief Justice Willy Mutunga had asked to meet Morris after a millionaire who offered to pay his school fees has enrolled him in school. The Justice has made him an intern in the Supreme Court:

The Homeless of Nairobi organisation, who had published the video on Facebook received the invitation from the chief justice. It wrote:

Mwenda has been invited to intern at the Supreme Court during school holidays, something that the boy was very happy about as he will get to shadow and learn from a lot of people in the law society.

During their meeting, Mutunga gave Mwenda a copy of the constitution and he promised to read it out to other boys.

They also published more details about the recent meeting on their Facebook page writing:

Morris was also handed a signed copy of the constitution of Kenya and he will now proudly read it out to the other boys at our home and teach them the lessons he has learnt in an effort to pay it forward.

The ex street boy Morris Mwenda is now to intern at the Supreme Court after he met CJ Willy Mutunga on Monday

The organisation expressed their gratitude to CJ for giving Mwenda the big chance that will catapult his dream career to a greater height.

Source: Homeless Of Nairobi.

The brain child dropped out of school at Standard 8 and then lived on the streets for a year until the was taken off the streets by HomelessOfNairobi.

His fluent English has made him popular and won him the heart of many deep pockets in Kenya including Joe Kariuki, the former Candy and Candy Record label boss who paid school fees for Morris and 6 other children who were not in school (from Homeless Children’s Home).

Quoting Morris in his video:

The street equally harbours talented and knowledgeable families.

The same video also led Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko to express interest in assisting him.

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Mwenda gives an insight of what his child was like saying,

“I suffered from family discrimination. They did not want me and fought a lot. My father was a polygamist and a drunkard”.  His story is strongly remarkable indeed!