Funniest and Most Hilarious Jokes About Uhuru, Raila and Karua

Have You Heard This Hilarious Joke About Uhuru, Raila and Karua Travelling on a Train?

Raila,uhuru, Ngilu and Martha Karua are travelling in a train. The train suddenly goes through a tunnel and it gets completely dark.
Suddenly there is a kissing sound and then a hard slap! The train comes out of the tunnel. Ngilu and Raila are sitting there looking perplexed. Uhuru is bent over holding his face, which is red from an apparent slap.

All of them are diplomatic and nobody says anything.
Ngilu is thinking: “These men are all crazy about Martha Karua. Uhuru must have tried to kiss her in the tunnel and she slapped him!”

Martha is thinking: “Uhuru must have moved to kiss me, but kissed Ngilu instead and got slapped!”

Uhuru is thinking: “Damn it, Raila must have tried to kiss Martha Karua, she thought it was me and slapped me!”

Raila is thinking: “If this train goes through another tunnel, I will make another kissing sound and slap Uhuru again!

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Have You Heard this Hilarious Parody Phone Call Between UHURU and RAILA Before He Left For the US 

Here is the conversation….

RAILA: Good afternoon Ndugu Yangu?

UHURU: Good Afternoon My Brother, How are you doing?

RAILA: How is your Milk business fairing on?

UHURU; Hahahaha….My business is doing well apart from some common business challenges. How is your Gas business doing?

RAILA: My business doing well too. How are you fairing on with leading this country?

UHURU: Hahaha….It is just trying my brother, just trying to make Kenya a better place for all Kenyans and our future generations.

UHURU: And Also …..

RAILA: Yes, that is what Leadership is all about

UHURU: The opposition is also very tough nowadays, but it is good to have a performing opposition…At least Kenyans will see both the government and opposition are working to help the ordinary Mwananchi

RAILA: You are flying out for the US-African Summit.

UHURU: Yes….

RAILA: Speak to the USA and tell them to do something about the advisories, they are hurting the tourism industry

UHURU: Yes…We have many issues we are planning to raise as a country among them fiddling ties, USAID Issues and suspension of its American Peace Corps programmes in Kenya and Kenya’s foreign policy

RAILA: That is great. Keep pushing, I believe they will listen considering that USA increasingly relies on Kenya as a strategic partner in fighting terrorism especially in the Horn of Africa

UHURU …. Yes My Brother

RAILA: Also greet my brother Barrack Obama

UHURU: I will definitely do that

UHURU: When I am back we will talk, I have some issues that we should also talk about

RAILA: Always Available …

UHURU: Thanks for the Call; it has been a pleasure to talk to you

RAILA: Ahsante sana Ndugu. I wish you a safe Journey


Funny Parody Phone Call Between UHURU and RAILA Before He Left For the US 



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