Girl Ganged Raped During Gor Mahia FC Match By 7 Men – Help Identify These Men

The rape habit in Kenya is escalating swiftly and is causing a lot of concern for the government and human rights agencies. From fathers raping their own daughters and step daughters, to gang rape of white women.

Now though, a fresh case of gang rape by seven men is making the rounds, and in this case, the men capture images of the struggle and published them on Social Media, causing outrage.

The incident took place during one of the Gor Mahia FC matches which was aired live nationwide. It is not clear how they managed to get their victim alone in a thick-bush.


Also, unclear is the reason behind the alarming, disturbing and graphic rape incident by the gang. But in the picture shared by one of the seven men suspected to be part of a gang that sexually harassed the female fan during a football match, the victim could be seen trying to slip out of their hands as they dragged on with her.


A report was lodged and the Kenya Police Service has declared them wanted after they escaped from the village. Police are investigating not only rape allegations but also possible violations of Kenya’s Internet laws.


The force said they will indict the seven suspects on charges including statutory rape, and production and release of pornographic material. Members of the public have also been urged to add a leg up to the search for quick arrest of the suspects who filmed the incident.

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Gor Mahia FC is yet to give a statement over the allegedly sexual harassment case. Meanwhile, in a separate incident, a girl was raped by her colleague at a city university last month.

The matter was  brought to the attention of the Kilmani  police station on July 27 this year and the report booked under Occurrence Book (OB) 67/27/7/2016.

However, police only launched investigations 11 days later after the complaint letter written to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (ODPP) was revealed to the media.

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The victim’s father sent in a letter on August 3, alleging that police were acting unconcerned about looking into the matter because the suspect’s father was a very famous and powerful person.

The parent accused the Kilmani  police station commander of failing to be fair in as serious a matter as rape.

However, a senior officer at the station claimed that the matter was dealt with administratively by the university management and the preparatory rape case was suspended. But the family of the victim have been agitating, as they do not deem the suspension a legal punishment good enough for the crime.