Gender Commission Demands Punishment For Weekly Citizen Over Published Nude Photos Of MCA

The National Gender Commission is at loggerheads with the Media Council of Kenya again.

The commission is this time demanding that the media council take action against Weekly Citizen for publishing nude photos alleged to be nominated Siaya MCA Rosemary Ogutu.

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The gender commission, who had written to the Media Council of Kenya over incidents regarding the treatment of Esther Passaris on JK Live, calls for severe punishment for the newspaper.

In a letter to the council, the commission asked that the newspaper be reprimanded and made to publish an apology for its unprofessional behavior.

“The publishing of such photos offends all ethical standards touching on privacy, gender discrimination and use of pictures and names,” said the commission’s chairperson, Winfred Lichuma.

“The photos were published without concealing her face and in a way that the media house depicted women as sex objects.”

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Winfred Lichuma also asked in the letter that the newspaper should immediately recall all publications for December 5 – 11.

The alleged nude photos of nominated Siaya MCA Rosemary Ogutu first made rounds on social media about a week ago after it was posted on a Whatsapp group where the MCA was an admin.

She denied posting the photos and called them fakes created by her competitors to keep her from running and winning the Alego Usonga parliamentary seat.

Ogutu also said:

“I was shocked to see the photos posted by my number. I want to believe that it’s the work of my political detractors who are out to spoil my name and end my political ambitions.”

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The gender commission charged the Media Council of Kenya to have a tight leash on its members, who are mandated with promoting ethical and professional standards in journalism.