Archbishop Deya Caught Selling Olive Oil As Cure For Cancer, HIV.

A fraudulent Kenyan preacher in London who refers to himself as “the archbishop of Peckham,” Gilbert Deya, has allegedly found a way to convince unsuspecting church members to buy bottles extra virgin olive oil as a miracle cure for HIV and cancer.

And what’s more? He sells the oil for more than two-and-half times its market value for their miraculous “powers.”

Gilbert Deya, together with his team of ministers, were caught selling the 750ml product (which has a normal market price of £1.99) for £5.00 in their South London church shop, which is supposed to miraculously cure HIV and cancer if used in cooking food.

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One of Gilbert Deya’s pastors, Pastor Kamara, was alleged to have explained that the oil had been anointed by the man of God, and therefore would make cancer and HIV melt like wax before fire, if and when the oil is consumed as food by a patient.

But this is not the first time that we have heard something like this about the 63-year old self-acclaimed “Bishop of Peckham.”

He has been to court on the count of rape and sexual assault charges in the past, for which he was discharged and acquitted by a London court.

Also, in the past, he had claimed the ability to give miracle babies to barren couples. However, after several rumoured testimonies from previously childless parents whom he had blessed with children, Gilbert Deya was arrested in 2006 after being accused of stealing children from a maternity hospital in Nairobi and giving them to mothers as their miracle babies, “…all through the power of prayers.”

DNA tests further showed that the women were not the real mothers of the babies.


Weeks afterwards, police found 10 little children in his Nairobi home with no genetic connection the family, and whose identity could not be ascertained. He got tipped off somehow, and before the police could get to him, he fled to the United Kingdom. His wife, who happened to be his partner in ministry, was arrested.

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In 2006, in Britain, he was arrested for extradition by Scotland Yard, and since then, Deya has faced a gruesome battle against banishment back to his native Kenya. According to him, he would not return home to Kenya because he stands the risk of facing torture and some other degrading acts of violence from his own people if sent back to Kenya. When quizzed about why he thought he was at risk of such, he said it was all because of some petty political grudges from certain factions in Kenya.

When quizzed, Deya refused to talk to The Sun, referring to them as confused evil liars.