Girl Who Scored 391 In KCPE Chooses To Be A House-Help

Scovia Auma Ochola is an orphan. But unlike most orphaned children, she takes her academics very seriously as the result of her KCPE exam which she wrote last year proves.

Auma made 391 marks but the possibility of her being able to further her education is gloomy considering the fact that she was not able to come up with the tuition fees required by Moi Tea Girl’s Kericho, the school which offered her an admission.

Miss Auma has been living with her grandparents in Nyakwaka village, Funyula, ever since her mother passed on in 2009 and since there’s no way for her to raise her fees, she has chosen to become a house-help. How sad!

The positive-minded young girl strongly believes that she will still join her mates in the secondary school after she has saved money from a decent-paying job which she hopes to get.

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Similarly, Dominic Losute Kamama, a 15 year old boy from a family with a very humble financial background, may not be able to achieve his dream of becoming a neurosurgeon if he does not find anyone to help him access his admission to Lenana School for his secondary education. Dominic who lives in the interior of east Pokot attained 381 marks in the same exams of last year but money has been a major challenge since he was called for his admission offer at the school.  Hear his story below.

This is the story of just one among many orphans and children from less privileged homes. Knowledge they say, is power and education is the road to it. It is unfortunate that children who are highly intelligent are usually found among the poor but does that mean that we’ll simply fold our arms while the generation of children who will replace men and women in leadership positions tomorrow watch their dreams fade away for lack of funds?

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Because of school fees that are not affordable by the lower class families in Kenya, high-performing children are unable to find their way into secondary schools while those who manage to enter only end up as drop outs, seriously affecting their ability to get long-term employment. Girls who are not in school are likely to become pregnant, carrying on with the cycle of poverty. For this reason, more is required of both the government and non-governmental organisations.

It is however good to know that a lot of Kenyan citizens are willing and ready to help Auma. Below are some of the responses of people on social media:

I was in such a situation but God saved me from it. I wish I could be part of those who wish help her. I will do that on or b4 28th of this month. I hope others are also calling in. I may not help fully but am sure I can up to quarter way every year.
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Honestly, our leaders should spare us this by being responsible. How can a lady who passed so well be denied education when we have more than enough money in our wards and constituencies? Any humane leader would support this girl without seeking publicity because she deserves such a support. This girl attend school come what may.
someone to give me her contacts so that we can help

While well-meaning citizens where talking about how to raise help for miss Auma, some others saw it as a platform for political campaign.

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This pains and wish I could do anything. But Auma I want to assure you that you wont be in this state for long. Help is on the way. Once elected President, you will get to school in Form 2 so that you catch with others. This is why my Administration states- that once you are admitted in school, every student will have to pack and report to school and no student SHALL EVER AGAIN be chased away from school kwa sababu hajalipa fees. why deny an innocen kid education kwa sababu hana fees. where does 14 or 15 year old has to get fees from?the issue of fees must be an issue between a parent, the school and governments at all levels. the pupil must be left out of this whole issue and she/he should pursue their education uninterrupted. I am with you in this pain but rest be assured that once elected President in August next, you will be in class in September if no help may have come in some way before then.