Who Is The ‘Githeri Man’ Kenyans Online Are Talking About?

An innocent voter trying to exercise his right to vote has become the toast of Kenyans online who have dubbed him the Githeri man.

The man was spotted absentmindedly enjoying his Githeri; a traditional maize and bean meal in a plastic paper bag as he stood in a queue with several other people waiting to cast his vote when a photo of him was taken and posted online.

He almost soon after became an internet sensation with multiple photoshopped images of him beginning to surface with the hashtag #GitheriMan. Tens of memes of the man around the world in famous movies and with celebrities have had the internet literally laughing out loud.

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Here are a few memes and tweets of the Githeri Man.

Githeri Man

Githeri Man

One Kenyan has asked for the Githeri man to be invited to a talk show so his voice can be heard.

Citizen TV has identified the man as Martin Kamotho, a 41-year-old father of one who works for the City County Government of Nairobi as a cleaner.

The Kayole estate in Nairobi resident told the news broadcaster that being a low-income earner, he cannot afford a decent breakfast and had to grab what was within his means.

Mr. Kamotho said his inspiration to queue for long hours to cast his vote was motivated by the need to vote out bad leaders and install new ones who are mindful of the people’s welfare.

Watch The Citizen TV Interview Of The Githeri Man Below

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With increased tension in the country surrounding the hotly contested presidential race featuring long time rivals; President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga, the Githeri man has done a lot to unite Kenyans online.

With #GitheriMan having been found, Kenyans online look to be moving on to the Sukumawiki woman.