#GOKDelivers: High Court Halts Government Achievement Ads

The High Court has put a temporal halt to the publishing of government advertisements under the hashtag #GOKDelivers.

This is will be until the hearing and determination of a pending case filed by human rights group, Katiba Institute.

Justice Chacha Mwita directed that the Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU) not to publish any more of the adverts in the print media, electronic media or by way of banners in public places.

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Katiba Institute is seeking court orders to compel PDU to give them information on all the government advertisements that were being aired in all local media stations days before the general elections.

An affidavit filed by the lobby group’s executive director, Waikwa Wanyoike, claims they wrote PDU secretary, Andrew Wakahiu, on August 17, 2017, requesting for the information but were turned down.

The human rights group is also requesting to know the value of public funds spent at that time and if it was necessary for the government air the adverts.

Through their lawyer, Suyianka Lempaa, Katiba Institute said that they were seeking information on adverts carried or associated with the PDU on government’s achievements under the hashtag #GOKDelivers which was popularized as #JubileeDelivers.

They are further requesting to access the information on the name of the agency or government office that met the respective cost of publishing each of the adverts that were made.

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The case filed has listed Public Service Chief of Staff, Joseph Kinyua, and his deputy, Nzioka Waita, as respondents in addition to the PDU secretary.

It is said that the two public officers have supervisory powers over PDU and Wakahiu but have failed to provide proper training, directions, and supervision to them.

The case is set to be heard on November 8. The Court has directed all respondents to file and serve their responses in seven days and the petitioners to also file their submissions in seven days.