Google Releases The Top Searches For Kenya In January. Guess What Tops The List?

Google has released the top searches of January and it shows Kenyans searched the death of Kalenjin musician Diana Chemutai, famously known as Chelele, the most. Coming first in how to category, is ‘how to calculate safe days.’  This indicate “the increasing interest in use of alternative birth control measures in the country.

Following in second is, ‘How to write a good CV’ while others were ‘how to decorate a bedroom’, ‘how to cook broccoli’, ‘how to use quickbooks’,  ‘how to write a letter’,  ‘how to set a table’, ‘how to nurture and nourish the soul’, ‘how to talk to a girl you like’  ‘how to create an app’ and how to know wifi password.

Really? No doubt many are really desirous of free internet!

Another most searched topic following the Chelele death was the IEBC. This is  after the release of the Sh45 billion plan for the 2017 general election.

Google also revealed the Commission also caught the interest of Kenyan searchers who tried looking for available jobs.

Kenya Defence Forces pose the third position in the list of trending searches. It gained massive search from Kenyans after the January 15 attack that massacred scores of soldiers in a KDF camp in El Adde, Somalia.

Till date, the number of slaughtered and kidnapped soldiers has not been established, but hundreds are thought to have been killed.

The Football Association Cup was fourth on the list with fans going online to find out more about the competition’s match schedule, fixtures and results.

The British singer, David Bowie, said to have visited Kenya as far back as 1978 for charity also took a spot. The English singer and songwriter David Bowie, who met his death after he had cancer at age 69 in January 11, came fifth.

Kenyan singer Prezzo, probably the king of swag and bling bling, got fans googling as well. This was after his striking interview with Kenya Television Network’s Betty Kyalo on January 8.

Other trending names that got a good number of searches include Mugithi singer Salim Junior, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, Netflix Kenya and actor Alan Rickman.

Salim died at the War Memorial Hospital in Nakuru on January 23 after being sick for a month. He was later said to have died from a heart attack, leaving behind his adorable wife and daughter .

President Robert Mugabe trended when it was alleged that his condition (illness) was becoming critical. Google also revealed the rumours of his death following claims he collapsed in Singapore went viral as well.

Netflix Kenya trended after the American multinational provider of on-demand Internet streaming media announced its availability in Kenya.

Rickman, English actor known for his role as professor Severus Snape in Harry Potter, died on January 14. Overall, Chelele, KDF, ‘how to calculate safe days’ top January Google searches for Kenya.

See The Categories Below:

Most Trending Searches

  1. Chelele
  2. IEBC
  3. KDF
  4. FA Cup
  5. David Bowie
  6. Salim Junior
  7. Robert Mugabe
  8. Netflix Kenya
  9. Prezzo
  10. Alan Rickman

Most Trending ‘What is’ searches

  1. What is Netflix?
  2. What is the mountain of butterflies?
  3. What is the best site for football predictions?
  4. What is loan exposure?
  5. What is first aid?
  6. What is call barring?
  7. What is apple in french?
  8. What is encryption?
  9. What is wifi?
  10. What is TB?

Most Trending ‘How to’ searches

  1. How to calculate safe days
  2. How to write a good CV
  3. How to decorate a bedroom
  4. How to cook broccoli
  5. How to use quickbooks
  6. How to set a table
  7. How to nurture and nourish the soul
  8. How to talk to a girl you like
  9. How to make an app
  10. How to know wifi password

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