Government Apologizes For Not Providing Chris Msando With Security

The Kenyan government has released a statement apologizing to the general public for failing to protect Chris Msando.

Government spokesperson, Eric Kiraithe, has said that the government is sorry for not providing IEBC officials with enough security before one of their high-ranking officials was murdered on Saturday, July 31.

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Speaking at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre in Nairobi, Kiraithe said:

“The government apologizes for failing to provide enough security to IEBC, but as from now proper measures have been put in place and they all will be secured.”

He went on to reassure Kenyans of their safety during the polls, urging them not to listen to hate speech from politicians and also not to move from their residences for safety reasons.

“Do not focus on what is said by politicians because we are prepared to respond and deal with any outcome.”

“No one should migrate from their respective areas of residence because of security reasons, the government has put in place necessary measures to secure the country.”

Kiraithe also called on the public to inform security agencies of any suspicious acts that may threaten their security.

“Over 90 percent of people vying will lose the election… we need to have a country after this election. The government has learned its lessons from the 2007 experience.”

Kiraithe went on to call on all media houses to scrutinize their content before putting it out for consumption to the public.

He cited the incident which led to Kisumu Senator, Prof. Anyang Nyong’o, calling a press conference and alleging that Kenya Defence Forces spokesperson Col. Joseph Owouth was missing.

“We ask all media houses to air sensible content during this critical moment, try to verify information to avoid a situation like yesterday’s that was just meant to create confusion.”

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He, lastly, added that the government was pleased to hear that America’s Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and Britain’s Scotland Yard are willing to lend their support to find the perpetrators of the murder.