Government Deploy KDF Doctors To Kenyatta National Hospital As Health Workers Strike Continues

Following the death of more than 20 people across the country, the Kenyan government has deployed KDF doctors to help handle emergency cases at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

Patients at the hospital said the military doctors came in around midday on Friday and have been making rounds ever since.

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KDF spokesman Col Paul Njuguna confirmed the reports saying the doctors will remain at the hospital until the strike is over.

”We want to save lives.

”It is our secondary duty to assist alleviate the suffering of patients. Our doctors have gone to KNH to assist the patients suffering following the strike by doctors.”

Kenyatta National Hospital Deputy Director of Clinical Services, Bernard Githae, in an interview, said the presence of KDF doctors was nothing new.

”We have trainee doctors from KDF who work for us, they are not on strike. It is normal for them to be at KNH, may be the difference is that they are in uniform unlike other times,” said Dr. Githae.

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The deployment of KDF doctors follows President Kenyatta’s plea with all health workers to return to work.

He promised that the government was keen on resolving and looking for permanent solutions to all issues that led to the strike.

The president said:

”I am very hopeful that by the end of the day we should have an agreement. We need to work together because we do not want Kenyans to suffer.”

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On Tuesday, doctors threatened to extend the strike to all clinical services; private, mission and public health facilities, if no deal will have been reached by midnight on Monday, December 12.

The ongoing strike is on its 5th day as patients around the country continue to suffer.