Governor Kabogo’s Palatial Home Will Blow Your Mind Away (PHOTOS)

After writing the most insane things county governors have done since they assumed office, we stumbled upon the pictures of Governor Kabogo’s home. The house which exudes absolute comfort proves that Mike Sonko is not the only Kenyan politician with an expensive home. Kiambu Governor William Kabogo’s palatial home in Mombasa is the next best thing to luxury no doubt. The exuberant governor is living a life many can only imagine and even his sons’ lifestyle proves that indeed Kabogo is extremely wealthy.

His sons who never throw away any opportunity to show off daddy’s wealth on social media platforms and who have always led the way with their choice of wines, relaxing spots, white girlfriends, pets and so much more. In fact, they sure know how to always leave us with sights to behold on the internet. Particularly, Alvin Kiarie Kabogo sure does know how to take delight in the finer things of life accorded to him.

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William Kabogo’s son, Alvin Kiarie never for once misses out on the showbiz. It even got to the point where he was partying with a slithering, carnivorous reptile around his neck. He recently went overboard when he and an unidentified beauty posed for a photo with the monstrous reptile draped over their shoulders.

Recently also, the University of Brighton final year student, Alvin Kiarie Kabogo got back to the country for the holidays. A few days ago he was in their Mombasa mansion to wind down and took to social media to say,  “Back in my hood, outchea cooling down #mombasa #home #hangoverbuster”

Here are Photos of Governor Kabogo’s  Palatial Mansion located in Mombasa Posted By His Son Alvin Kiarie Kabogo on social media.


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That’s indeed a home for cooling down the bustling, stressful and busy life in the school environment where he is supposed to have come from. Remember that currently, Kabogo bought a heavy armored car that left everyone talking about him. Kabogo is said to have spent a lot of money on the massive machine.  Well, one great nigga who never shies away from showing off his party lifestyle on social media should do us good by taking a shot of the Architecture of the complete building. Many more eyes are itching to see the complete building. I personally want to feed my curiosity.

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