Revealed! Governor Munya The Reason Behind Ban On Miraa Imports

The Somali government has revealed that Governor Munya is the main reason behind ban on miraa imports to the country.

The ban, issued yesterday in a letter to the Kenyan government, described the stimulants impact on Somalians as ”devastating”.

However, Somalia continues to import the crop from Ethiopia leaving Kenyan farmers with no outside market.

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Governor Munya in July traveled to Hargeisa, the capital of Somalia’s breakaway region, and met with key figures to discuss the discrepancy between the country’s trade rules.

He is said to have met with Deputy President of Somaliland Abdurrahman Ishmael, the foreign affairs minister and finance minister.

Reason Behind Ban

Governor Munya lobbied for easier trade rules for miraa exporters in Kenya and in exchange promised some form of recognition for Somaliland.

Somalia Ambassador to Kenya Gamal Hassan said Munya’s visit to Hargeisa caused political pressure back in Somalia to have the trade stopped.

Governor Munya had “used the business to campaign for the breakup of the country” he said.

“He linked the territorial integrity of the country to the Miraa trade and interfered in the internal affairs of the country”

“This has created a lot of unbearable pressure on the government. We have suspended the trade to have these matters addressed.”

Governor Munya’s actions and the probable independence of Somaliland is the real reason behind ban. His actions angered the government of Somalia in Mogadishu who are keen to have a united country.

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Ambassador Hassan further added that his government are holding talks in regards to Munya’s actions and the ban with the relevant Kenyan authorities.

On average, more than 50 tons of the narcotic leaf is flown to Mogadishu daily. The loss of the Somalia market will have an effect on Kenya most especially the people of Meru – Governor Munya’s County – who cultivate the plant.