Governor Munya

The shenanigans of the political season is well under way as politicians try their best to deal the best low blows as Meru Governor Peter Munya just did to Raila Odinga.

On Monday, the former Prime Minister of Kenya visited Meru where he endorsed and urged residents to vote for his friend, Governor Munya.

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”Governor Munya is my friend. He truly believes in devolution and we have a lot in common. He has been very passionate about pushing this devolution agenda and that is why I think he should be re-elected,”

said Mr. Odinga during a press conference.

”In this regard, we will work closely with Munya if we get to head the national government. We will release sufficient funds – at least 45 percent of the total revenue – to county governments to cater to their functions.”

In a surprising twist to events, Governor Munya distanced himself from the CORD chieftain’s endorsement saying his PNU party supports President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election.

“PNU is not in any coalition and will not join any and our official position is that we are supporting the re-election of President Kenyatta. That position is known by all and sundry and has not changed,” said the Council of Governors chairman in a statement.

Governor Munya

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In other events at the Meru rally, Raila Odinga addressed political party mergers saying that he was astonished to hear Meru Senator Kiraitu Murungi express regret over joining Jubilee.

”I was surprised to see Kiraitu regretting having dissolved his APK to join Jubilee, saying it was a mistake.”

“Transition from a single to a multi-party system of government must come of age. My appeal to the conscience of our people is to join parties with specific ideologies that you share, and stick there.”

“You must think twice and read the manifesto and constitution. You don’t just go with ODM to use it as a vehicle to run for a certain seat. Come because you share values and principles with this party,” added Mr. Odinga.

Raila went on to talk about political zoning saying there were no strongholds of any party or coalition in the country as he cautioned politicians to not make uncouth statements.

He said that the country did not belong to the president or any other person including himself and other NASA leaders who were vying for the country’s highest office. There was only one Kenya, the Republic of Kenya.

“In times like these, some politicians try to divide us along ethnic and geographical lines.. We are here to urge total rejection of politics of that kind.”

”We are here to appeal for politics that clearly identifies our problems and prescribes realistic cures for those problems, with the caveat that whenever the prescriptions fail, those responsible for them are voted out regardless of tribe, religion, race or region of origin.”