War On Drugs: Government Puts Out Warning To All Involved Including Politicians

National government spokesman Eric Kiraithe has put out a warning to the public saying the government will be apprehending key drug lords over the coming days.

Kiraithe, who was speaking at his state of the nation address in Mombasa on Thursday, put out the warning saying that those on law enforcement radar will be arrested and fully prosecuted irrespective of political positions.

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”If you are caught and arraigned, kindly do not say it is a political war. Spare Kenyans that rhetoric. Just stop it today… there are very many legitimate businesses you can do.

”Some walk around thinking (they) are indispensable. I assure you that when we arrest you and put you in court, there will be no political vacuum.”

Kiraithe declined to name possible suspects but speculation suggests that he might be referring to Mombasa based politicians including Governor Hassan Joho.

Governor Joho among others has been alleged to have earned their wealth through illicit drug trade. Joho vehemently denies the accusations, calling it mere political propaganda aimed at soiling his name.

The speculation to the source of Joho’s wealth increased after the government withdrew his assigned bodyguards and he hired a private security detail who were heavily armed.

Kiraithe explained that the government will be apprehending key drug Lords because proceeds of the illicit drug trade are used to negatively influence society. They are used to hire youths who are turned to hecklers and then used to intimidate political opponents in arrogant displays of power.

He added that illegal firearms in the country were also being cracked down on.

On Wednesday, coast regional coordinator Nelson Marwa issued a similar warning about illegal firearms. He said that only drug dealers needed many weapons, referring to Governor Joho’s hired security detail.

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“Are they protecting heroin, cocaine? Kwani bunduki ni za nini? Si ni kuprotect heroin na cocaine.

“That is a very dangerous individual and he must be dealing in drugs… We are cracking down on drugs. Guns are used to protect drug barons.”