Grilling Of The Pilot Who Pushed A Policewman Reveals He Is British

The white pilot who was caught on camera in Kenya reportedly attacking policewoman turned up himself to a police station in the capital, Nairobi a few hours ago.

Following his surrender, the police has been grilling him over his uncivilised action. So far, the police have established the name of the pilot which is Alistair Llewelyn.

Though they are still grilling him as of yet, the suspect is set to be arraigned in court on Wednesday. Kenyan police has found out that Alistair Llewelyn is a British citizen who was hired to convey the Deputy president to a rally.

The political rally took place in Central Kenya over the weekend, when the incident occurred. Police spokesperson George Kinoti revealed that Mr Llewelyn is due in court on Wednesday and will face assault charges.

The helicopter company in Kenya which hired the man has exempted itself from his action and had even terminated their contract with him. Kwae Island Development Limited said in a statement that it “respects all the service men and women of the Kenya police and abhors the actions of [the pilot]”.

The company had subcontracted the services of Llewelyn from Saker Resource Management, and it operates Helicopter 5Y-DSN. It added that it has terminated the contract with the pilot. The pilot was contracted to transport the Deputy President William Ruto, who has also slammed his action.

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A video, which has gone viral across the internet, shows the pilot furious that the policewoman was not stopping people from gathering around the helicopter. He shouts at her and then pushes her.

The man, who was captured on camera assaulting the policewoman, is expected to be in court on Wednesday.

Stay tuned for more, as the story unfolds.

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