Kenyans Attack Eldoret Socialite Who Shared Her Lady’s Part Photos Online

Kenyan girl, identified as Gryce Wanjiku Brown on Monday, June 13, shared sexually titillating  photos of herself on social media.

But Social media users took the better party of the day to lash at her starting from her looks, to her hairstyle, down to her presumable lifestyle.

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Shortly after her pictures made it online, Kenyans went wild. She faced attacks from all quarters. People railed at her not very appealing clothes and even suggested that the room she took photos in get a fresh coat of paint.

In the photo, the girl took a nearly nude picture of herself at her parents house in Eldoret and posted them online.

You could also notice in the photo that she had only a tiny top as the only thing covering her pride as a woman.  Her lower body, legs and all, were out in the open, for all eyes.

Here is one of the photos of Wanjiku Brown that attracted severely critical remarks. We saw the need to slightly dress her with the silver rectangular block.

Gryce Wanjiku Brown

Just a day after sharing the photos, she achieved an ill fame and got over 100,000 searches on Facebook – her profile had grown from a few chaps to over 3,700 followers overnight. What an attention.

See some of the reactions online:

Linda Achieno: ????????????????????enyewe Wewe Ni mshamba… Hio Ni nguo gani umevaa kuenda club????????Alafu Huyo Si Ni ule Mzungu naonanga pale archives mwenye huwa anatafuta Mapoko????????…si hata angewaachia Pesa za drinks amewaacha hanging mkishare sportsman moja????????????????..alipenda reputation yake ikabidi amejitoa????????????????

Bunny M Wamboi:  Child,you don’t have haters..Those are just adults that find your previous pics despicable???? .NOMB thou

William Oyanga: Was wondering mbona ukona ngozi mbaya ivo…..sportman or whatever cigarette it is..

Mashirima Mwangi: Gal nobody is hating on you, but u would consider hiding all your behavior we ain’t all saints but we don’t wanna see the worst in u either.

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ckson Hola: I think the intention was to be SEXY not nude i blame the guy who took the 4to atleast angemwambia a-pose ka amesimama, she would’ve looked ‘sexy’ n tungekua tunamsifu sai.

Grace: Next time ukitaka kupose 4 a serious pic tafuta mwenye anaelewa.

Ryan Trayvon Issme ????????????karibu nipitwe na hii…kama kawaida ni ujinga umefanya…congratulations u r now famous…