Gunmen Attack Guesthouse In Mandera – 12 Dead

12 people have been confirmed dead in Mandera town on Monday night following a suspected Al-Shabaab gunmen attack.

Police say the gunmen attacked the guesthouse with explosive devices in the night. Among the dead are ten non-locals visiting the area to stage performances in schools relating to curriculum.

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Media outlets of the militant group say this incident “killed Christian Kenyans” who were not from the local area.

Another ten have so far been rescued from the guesthouse said to have many occupants. Witnesses in the area say there are more people trapped under the rubble of the building which was blown up.

Gunmen Attack Guesthouse

The police say rescue efforts are being hampered by the fear of booby traps and IEDs left back by the assailants. Police HQ have said bomb experts are on their way to Mandera to increase rescue efforts for those trapped.

“We don’t know how many people are still trapped there in the rubble but efforts to reach them are ongoing,” said an officer speaking to the Standard.

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The gunmen are strongly believed to be militants of the Al-Shabaab terror group. They escaped towards the Somalia border as police responded to the bombing.

Mandera County police commander Job Boronjo said security officers are monitoring the situation and he will be giving updates during the day.

Mandera borders Somalia, which makes it an easy target for the militants in the neighboring lawless country.

This attack is the second in a month by suspected Al-Shabaab gunmen. It comes less than three weeks after six people were killed in a residential plot in Bulla Public Works in Mandera Town.

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