Kenyans Regain Their Confidence Through Hair Transplants

Hair transplants are gaining more and more popularity in Kenya as many Kenyan women confess they have regained their confidence through the procedure.

Based on what a handful of interviewed women said, scalp specialist named Muli Musyoka, who opened up a clinic two years ago has been helping women get back their confidence. Though hair transplants aren’t that affordable  – the process can take up to six hours and cost as much as $2,000 (£1,400) – Kenyan women now opt for it.

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One woman among those interviewed narrated how she was having issues with her hair for long until a friend told her about the scalp specialist Muli who runs a hair restoration clinic in Nairobi. She said the first hair specialist who introduce hair transplants in Kenya healed her loss.

The woman said:

“As soon as I started breasting I lost my hairline, and when you don’t have a hairline, you are not confident, what I did, I had bought a weave that had a hairline.”

One day a friend spoke to her about having a hair transplant and she decided to carry out the procedure. Determined, and in need of hair, the woman chose to go on with it even after she was told of the side effects, such as bleeding and swelling from the incisions made on the scalp that sometimes become infected.

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When asked if the stress or the process was it worth it. She answered in the affirmative.

According to her:

“Yes I am happy, it is not as fast as you would want it to be, you have to know it’s not an instant,” she says snapping her fingers, “because we are in that generation where people want instant results.

“It’s a journey, you have to keep working along with them, you have to come for many more procedures, so that your hair can grow, but it’s one day at a time and, I mean… I am confident!”.

Muli Musyoka is the first Kenyan to be certified as a trichologist in East Africa. The hair specialist focuses on treating hair loss and any form of scalp problems that can be fixed through diet, change of habits/lifestyle and hair styling.

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