Half-eaten shark

A half-eaten shark of about five-feet long has been found washed ashore on Florida beach leaving many people scared.

The beach workers say it must be the work of a larger fish while others think it could be the work of a 14-foot great white shark called “Katherine.”

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on Sunday tweeted that a different great white shark had been spotted about 20 nautical miles off the coast of Ormand Beach — about 20 miles down the coast from where the dead shark washed up on New Smyrna beach, Florida.

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The fish-turned-food was discovered by a lifeguard at New Smyrna Beach, who thought it could be the work of a larger great white spotted in the area a few weeks ago.

When the body of the half-eaten shark was discovered over the weekend, many people have been wondering what mysteries lie in the depths of the ocean.

Beach goers in central Florida were shocked to discover the five-foot long shark’s body and were bemused by what could be responsible for snapping up its tail.

Beach Safety spokeswoman Tammy Morris said she believes the half-eaten shark was chopped either by a blacktip or spinner shark. She said it could have been definitely attacked by a larger fish.

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There are many sharks in all the ocean waters off the Florida coast. During the winter months, spotting sharks lurking near Florida beaches is not uncommon

Shark attacks along the entire coastline of the Florida beaches average only about 20 in the whole year, although there were 32 reported in Florida in 2007.

The majority of shark attacks in Florida’s beaches occur over on the Atlantic Ocean side in Volusia County. (Daytona Beach and New Symrna Beach are big surfing destinations over there).

sharkiThe half-eaten shark ashore on New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Most shark attacks occur between sandbars. It is not real smart to swim out past the first sandbar on each beach you visit. There is usually a big drop off on the other side and this is where sharks feed.

If you are on vacation and find yourself on a beach in Florida you should be mindful of killer sharks out there. There are several things you can do to help you feel more safe swimming in the ocean during your Florida beach vacation.

  • Do not enter the water if bleeding from a large open wound or if menstruating.
  • Don’t wear shiny jewellery in the water because the reflected light looks like the sheen of fish scales to a shark. (I knew there was a reason you never see gang-bangers on a Florida beach vacation)
  • Don’t swim at night. It is best to get out before twilight. This is when sharks feed. You do not have to be out on the sandbar to experience a beautiful Florida sunset.
  • If you see lots of fish (like mullet or baitfish) swimming and jumping out of the water, that usually means a bigger predator is in the area looking to make a meal out of them. Get out of the water until they pass.
  • if you notice a lot of seabirds diving to feed, that means there is plenty of food available…and a real big fish will be attracted to this activity.
  • Don’t stand out in the water and throw food (like chicken) up to the seabirds. Sharks love foods they don’t have to work for. This is really stupid.
  • Stick near others when out in the water. Sharks stay away from lots of activity.
  • Finally, always try to be vigilant out there, whenever you are playing in the water. This may be your saving grace in the case of a killer shark.