Raila Tells Jubilee Leaders

Raila Tells Jubilee Leaders – NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga is confident that he will in the first round of the presidential election. Raila, who returned to Bomet County for the second time in less than a week, said Kenyans had embraced NASA in all the regions they had visited and told Jubilee leaders to prepare to hand over power.

During his speech at the rally at Ndanai trading centre in Sotik, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader said, “Kenyans have committed to support NASA and we are sure of more than 10 million votes in the August election,” and Jubilee Party have started losing ground among Kenyans, “Kenyans have lost faith in Jubilee and this is a free ticket for them to hand over power and go home in the first round,” he added.

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Raila was accompanied by Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto and Suna East MP Junet Mohammed to the rally. The Opposition leader also tore into Jubilee, saying farmers in the South Rift had nothing to celebrate about Uhuru’s leadership. He said tea farmers have had to survive on poor prices for their produce due to the Government’s failure to intervene. He said his government would prioritize the improvement of farmers’ earnings in the region.

Raila further asked residents to support his candidature, saying his government would also address, among other things, milk prices and maize farming challenges. He said it was sad that dairy farmers were being paid a paltry Sh30 per litre while processors were reaping more than Sh100 for the same quantity. He also pointed out what he described as unfulfilled promises by Jubilee.

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Where are the laptops that were promised? And the same roads Jubilee is talking about cannot be traced anywhere in Kenya.” Sharing Raila’s sentiments, Mr. Ruto said the road projects Jubilee leaders were citing in their quest for re-election were sub-standard. The governor also said Kenyans should bank on NASA to deliver free secondary education.

Speaking elsewhere, Raila defended his criticism of the ongoing construction of the Sh34 billion Itare Dam in Nakuru County. He said his opposition to the dam was not part of a political strategy to win the Kipsigis vote but was informed by the environmental concerns raised by the Kipsigis Council of Elders.

Moreso, the race for the Presidency has not been an easy one for NASA and ODM parties. The opposition party has urged the Jubilee leaders to get ready to hand over power in the forthcoming polls because they are fully ready to take over power and recent polls have suggested that the opposition party may have victory over the Jubilee led administration.

A lot has happened and there are still more yet to be seen before the August polls, as they always say, “In politics, no permanent friend, no permanent enemy”.

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