Top 5 Hardest Courses To Study In Tanzania

Every University discipline or major has something hard in it. Therefore, there is no absolutely  “easy” course in the university, no matter what you are studying. However, some courses give more “headache” than others, posing more problems and difficulties to the students. In making career decisions in Tanzania, it will interest you to know the 5 toughest courses only the bright ones can take on. Always note that you will become academically bright when you study hard and as such does not mean only the naturally bright ones.

Here are Top 5 Hardest Courses To Study In Tanzania

1. Biochemistry


This is not just Biology and Chemistry as it is usually believed. You get to deal with a greater depth of chemistry and biology concepts. There is boat-load of information to grasp and tons of memorisation to do. Taking on Biochemistry is like taking on double major as you get to deal with organic chemistry and other branches of biology.

2. Law


Law is not something you coast through without great hard work and hard study on your part. You need to work harder than you have ever worked before, perhaps harder than your capacity. If you slack off and fall into a state of lethargy, you are going to get a rude awakening as finals approach……yes! you will be deprived of going to law school. Its workload is immense,  “cramming” for law exams is nearly impossible. Upon graduation, you are required to go for law school in order to practice with confidence which is another challenging phase to get through with.

3. Economics


This may surprise you, but Economics is technical and difficult. It is considerably harder than any business course in Tanzanian. The maths involved in the BSc is purely on a whole new level. In case your maths in A level is not up to scratch, better not try because you will find it more difficult. It may be unrealistic to pursue if you are not willing  to put in loads of extra work. You need to have super ability to handle abstract concepts and apply them to real world situation. You are given lots of rules to apply in real life, therefore it requires you to wrap your mind around it to really understand all the principles or rules. Economics is concerned with understanding how people think in everyday lives, right from deciding between noodle or Rice to maintaining global trade relations. And getting into the mind of  people is not going to be easy because they behave in a very complex manner with some logic deeply-rooted in their minds, these are not obvious sometimes.

4. Medicine


Medicine and surgery encompasses complex theoretical discipline mixed with practicals. The load of knowledge you need to grasp in a short period of time makes medicine and surgery one of the most challenging majors out there. You will be challenged to study more than you thought possible and understand everything you come across as it involves human life. At first when you are admitted to study medicine, you will be excited, in some cases make a fuss of it and even eager to study but as the months drag on, the studying gets old and you say to yourself, “I cannot wait until all this studying is over!. Be ready to get use to sleeplessness, and the long relentless hours of studying if you intend taking on it.

5. Actuarial Science


With exponential increase in demand for Actuaries, Actuarial science was introduced in Tanzania. This major poses great challenge to most students because of the huge mathematics involved. You must study all your textbooks diligently and have a good basic grasp of mathematics. If you can’t deal with computations, coasting through this course may be just a nightmare.