Top 5 Hardest Courses To Study In Uganda

In the general concept, university courses are all-encompassing; taking cognizance of all the subjects learnt essentially from secondary schools down to the ones specified for higher schools and therefore pose huge challenge to any student. But some disciplines or majors are more encompassing and challenging than others in terms of content and time. As a result, they take extra hard work and concentration to take on them. In Uganda, these courses mentioned below seem to be more challenging than others and require dedication, hard work and hard study to take on them.

Here are Top 5 Hardest Courses To Study In Uganda

1. Medicine And surgery


Medicine is the topmost challenging course you can take on in Uganda. The obvious hindrance is the requirements for admission which include minimum score in A-level national examinations which will lead to the awarding of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) and must be administered by the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB). In addition, for you to be admitted into medical school you must demonstrate proficiency in Biology or Zoology, Chemistry and Physics at A-level standards. When admitted, it take 5 years to obtain Bachelor in Medicine and surgery if there are no re-takes. Of course escaping re-takes is a different hard task all together since all the exams are tough enough to scotch your nerves. Excelling in the 5th year exam which has three phases will surely cause a titillation run across your skin. And thus, takes a medical nerd to spend just 5 years in medical school considering the fact that failing of any exam taken in a particular level or year leads to repetition of that level. The “hardest” part will be seeing your non-medical  friends out partying on weeknight while you hardly have a complete hour to yourself in a day

2. Engineering


I don’t know any undergraduate degree that requires more work than engineering. You need to get everything done at right time and therefore requires quality time management. The workload is all-encompassing and involves a lot of computations. You have to be persistence and good at trying out all the formulas even beyond what is given in class. You get out of it exactly what you put into it. You are correct to use the concept; garbage in garbage out.

3. Mathematics


As the name implies has to do with whole lot of computations. You have to punch your calculator all through yur stay in the university and must know all the principles on your finger tips in order to excel in it. The work load is broad or vast and includes what you must have done in secondary school level but in a deep manner till the core. The most significant challenge is dealing with abstract math. To take on this course you must be a hard worker and ready to live all your school life in a circle of calculation.

4. Accounting


This is another tough course you can study in Uganda. It also covers huge computations and requires maximum study perhaps three to four hours a day. You need to be highly skilled in computations since you will have to deal with public or private finances after school. Accounting is the hardest business major and requires you to balance out debits, credits, expenses, losses, revenues, of an individual or business taxes and so much more. However, this is just a basic example. You definitely stand no chance as long as you are not good at math. But if you are good at numbers than you are at words, then its going to be interesting.

5. Physics

Physics undergraduates

Physics is concerned with the study of matter and motion; what the world is made of and how it works. Physicists study everything from the smallest particles to the structure of the entire universe. Physics is a highly difficult course and must definitely strip off your social time. You have to study a lot because there are tons of stuff to remember. Usually, students struggle with both the concept and computations involved. Taking on this course in Uganda requires absolute hard work and concentration.

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