Generally, there is no course in the university that is all undemanding or trouble-free. Despite that, some majors are more exacting than others, and as such require more attention, hard work and hard study to actually major in them. And that is where these five courses come in. So, when planning on taking a course of study in Zimbabwe universities, make sure you are ready to put in a great deal of effort when opting for any of these courses listed below. Bear in mind that we’re not saying only the brightest can take on them, anyone can, unless you completely hate school.

Here are 5 Hardest Courses To Study In Zimbabwe

1. Mining Engineering


Mining engineering is one of the toughest courses you can study in Zimbabwe. This is a discipline that applies science and technology to the extraction of minerals from the earth. The course volume or content is too big since you have to deal with subjects like civil and mechanical engineering, geology, environmental management, economics, metallurgy, health and safety with field trips and practical classes. You may have much more trouble learning the concepts if you are not good at math and computations in general. It is my firm belief that for bulky courses comprising computations like physics and the likes, it seems effort makes little difference if you are just not good at it.

2. Pharmacy


The workload is to a great extent staggering. It encompasses pharmacology to medicinal chemistry and requires some careful planning and diligence. The most obvious hindrance is being able to remember the vast courses you have learned, and of course, you won’t compromise reading well beyond what is given in class. You don’t have to omit the essential part of knowing that persistent studying is required to grasp what is enough for the exams. If I must say, not so good for an extreme party person. It requires you to be studious through and through. It seems we have omitted the least favorite part of it all which is staying in school longer than necessary. Watching your mates when they are already out of school whilst you’re still in school is somewhat difficult. Top Universities like the University of Zimbabwe offers a three-year professional degree program in Pharmacy while other institution in the country, like The Harare Institute of Technology, offers the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) Degree which is a four-year study programme in the course. Whichever  University you wish to enroll yourself to study the prestigious course, be rest assured that you will have a much longer time to study hard.

3. Medicine


Taking on medicine in any Zimbabwean university is as tough as cracking a hard nut. There are loads of stuff to learn in medicine and majority of stuff to learn is conceptually difficult. You will be chained to your desk your entire life. In addition, the volume may be too much for your liking as the course structure is ambiguous and tough and may come at you thick and fast. Let us not skip the important part of medicine, which is that it requires too high a level of intelligence. There is no specific time you stop studying, even after graduation. To take up a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) Degree Programme at the National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe, requires a five and a half intensive studying.  This is applicable in most universities in the country.

4. Mathematics


Mathematics is one of the hardest courses you can study in Zimbabwe, it gets tougher as you progress. Dealing with abstract mathematics makes it even worse. Most people end up believing that math ability is genetic since anyone can’t be good at it. Though the ability to understand differs in every human being, I firmly believe that different levels of preparation prove why. Math requires tough preparation to get through. You need to keep abreast of almost all the rules of math to be good at it.

5. Physics


Taking on this major requires you to be extremely good at calculus. You have to study a wide range of textbooks on physics and make the comparison on alternative ways of solving a particular computation. It consists of mechanics, electricity, and magnetism and host of others which are unnecessarily difficult. This may discourage you and even make you stop half way or switch to alternative courses. My advice is if you must take on this major, wait until you can actually ace calculus and other simple computations because maths at physics degree level is beyond further maths.

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