Hear Jakoyo Midiwo’s View On The People Behind Namwamba’s Recent Trouble

What do we call this latest political drama? It has been on the news that a government official holding a high office plays a very prominent role in covering up bad politicians. If this allegations are genuine and true, then we would be right to say that politics in Kenya is moving to the right direction because of the brave revelation. But on a second thought, what if these allegations are not true?

However, since we can’t say for sure,  I would suggest that more valid investigations be carried out to unveil the true corrupt government officials whose hands are in this, that is if this revelation is based on truth. We should not just hold out punishment against the one man reportedly involved in this without considering  other people who might have done the bribing including those who have not been mentioned.

We deserve a proper investigation either to vindicate the accused or to fish out everybody involved in this. Read on to see the full story!

It was revealed on the Dialy Post of Wednesday February 25, 2015  that Suba MP, John Mbadi, is the man behind the ouster of the Chairman of Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Ababu Namwamba, Gem MP, Jakoyo Midiwo, has said.

While he was speaking on Tuesday, Midiwo, who is also the Deputy Minority Leader in Parliament, revealed that Ababu is an honest man and does not take serious the claims that he collected millions of shillings to cover corrupt State officials.

Midiwo was speaking at the time PAC members approved a petition to dismiss Namwamba as the PAC Chairman saying he is very corrupt and he cannot interrogate the Government expenses.

According to Mbadi “We need to reconstitute the PAC for the committee to maintain the moral high ground to interrogate Government expenditure. As an oversight committee, if the allegations are true, then you are finished.” He made the above statement when he was collecting signatures to censure Namwamba.

But Midiwo defended Namwamba saying his dismissal is not genuinely about corruption rather it is completely political.

In the words of Midiwo “The ODM MPs who approved the petition will be spoken to. If anyone dares to touch Ababu simply because he is our SG, I will defend him come rain, come sunshine. The allegations against him are political and cannot see the light of day,”

Namwamba is reported to have collected more than Sh 100 million in bribes in order to cover State officials from being questioned over corruption related scandals.

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