First Lady Brought To Tears After Seeing The Unimaginable In Hospital

Kakamega County First Lady, Priscilla Oparanya, paid a surprise visit to Kakamega General Hospital and couldn’t believe it when she found out that patients at the facility sleep on cut-up carton boxes.

The unprecedented visit to the referral hospital, Kakamega General Hospital, which took place on Monday, April 18 wrecked the heart of the first lady to the core. She saw some patients in a saddening state, with many of them inveighing against lack of equipments, drugs and enough personnel.

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However, what shocked the first lady the most was realizing that the hospital did not have mattresses at the facility, prompting patients to sleep on makeshift cut-up carton boxes. Patients at the surgical ward were affected the most as they not only lack bedding but they are forced to buy drugs which are not enough.

Additionally, patients who are recovering from surgery or just left surgical rooms had no foams to lay on even in their condition.

Here Are Some Of The Pictures From The Visit






This tale of neglect and breakdown in Kenya hospitals calls for urgent response from the government. Despite the growth in absolute terms of the country’s spending on public health compared to ten years ago, the level of improvements in some hospitals seems to have stagnated at some point.

Judging by the pictures obtained during the First lady’s visit, it could be seen that under-investment in doctor and nurse training and infrastructure has caused a public health system that is not only crowded, but somewhat dangerous to patients.

While the president and his wife have done so well in the country’s health sector, there is still need to remember and improve all public hospitals across the country.

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